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  1. Stop what, you started with the unintelligent BS. Quite rudely I might add. I would contend it's not that far fetched. You have the number 1 player in the world and one of the best ever Ryder cup players of all time. Both with good form. You're outgunned and an underdog. Playing them together nets you at best one point per session. Separating them gives you a chance at two points per session. Each have the ability to carry a pairing, especially Rahmbo. Getting two points is better than one. Ya know, basic math? It's stupid not to consider it. So you can stop unless you have a better idea how to maximize points from the two players carrying your team. I thought so...shut up.
  2. It's not an unintelligent suggestion considering the opposite worked so well for Harrington. Discounting options is stoopid. Congrats on Paddy's superior intelligence.
  3. Tiger, Phil or maybe Zach next. Kutcher maybe 2-3 down the road
  4. Of course that strategy was so good, you'd never change anything. Oof...
  5. Not trying to argue mate, you're probably right. We know whatever Harrington did was wrong regardless of if he could have won or not. It's quite the embarrassment to infamously be remembered as the captain of the worst losing European bunch ever. Especially when he came with the best European ball strikers of all time....his words
  6. Best ball strikers? Of course it's the 2021 European Ryder Cup Team according to the captain. "the best team of ball-strikers Europe have ever sent out in a Ryder Cup"
  7. We'll never know since Harrington had the "best ball strikers ever".
  8. What did Harrington do wrong? Almost everything. What was he yapping about pre Cup? Something about the best team of "ball-strikers Europe ever had". He might have but he didn't use them right. - Picked Buddy's like Poults, who I love, but probably didn't deserve that spot. Buddy Ball at its finest. - Played Rahmbo and Sergio together when he should have split them among other pairings to maximize their impact. - Kept putting out guys like Casey and Westy when, Wiesburger, Hovland and Fleetwood should have played every match. Lowrey should have played more. - He sat Rory when he should have rode him like a rented mule, played every match. You sink or swim with your best players and he didn't. - should have recruited. Gone out and begged Europe's proven players to play their way on the team. Guys like Willett, Rose, Noren, Molinari, Stenson. Proven guys who might have been motivated to sharpen their games more. He should have started months and months ago. Did he do anything like that? -the Euro qualification sucks. He should have pushed for more captains picks. Thankfully it wasn't this year or Harrington would probably have selected someone like Donald or Gmac. Oof! There's a start, I'm sure there's more reasons. He'll be infamously remembered as the Euro captain on the side that gave up a 100 record points.
  9. The OWGR has always favored the Americans. It never deterred previous teams. This round it might have been a bit more heavy towards the Americans but it doesn't excuse the crap play by many Euros. On any day any one of these players can beat any player on the American side. It just didn't work out, they underperformed and had a crap captain who made all the wrong moves except one, sending Rory out first this morning. About the only thing he did right.
  10. How sad is that, the birthplace of golf doesn't host a Ryder Cup. .
  11. Has there been a recent cup at St Andrews? That would be epic!
  12. I'm all in on PReed. Love the guys game for this format. I don't care that it's not popular. If his health had not been an issue he should have been picked. My only gripe with Strickers pick was Burger. I wanted Na or Kisner or....whoever. I picked Scheffler months ago. Loved that pick. Burgler lived up to my expectations except for stealing that point at the end. Good for him but he's got no energy, no pizazz. We didn't need it. We could have gone with 8 players and won this running away. Looking forward to PReed back in mix in 2 years!
  13. The only pick I was totally against at least made that record setting point. YAY
  14. So the Euro consolation prize is preventing the record. Guess that's something?
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