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  1. Thank you @howaboutme. I finally found out the inconsistencies in my son performance. It is all "mental". He confides in the D1 golfer that being around mom and dad on the golf course give him anxiety. He prefers that the D1 golfer drive him to and from the golf course and for lessons. My wife and I also stop asking him how he did after golf lessons and his round of golf. That definitely seems to help. He seems to do a whole lot better, much more relax at home when my wife or I don't take him to golf. I guess it will play out on July 29th at Langley HS golf tryouts. I ask t
  2. I am just paying the golf bill as a father but from what I've seen so far, there are three coaches that I am very impressed with when they teach my 15 years old son: - Mike Vechery: coach Mike teaches out of Reston Oak Mar facility. His rate is $150/hour, - Keith Robertson: coach Robertson teaches in Olney Park Maryland. His rate is $125/hour, - Jim Estes: Coach Estes teaches in Olney Park Maryland. His rate is $125/hour Coach mike is very good with the short game. Coach Robertson is very good with the driver swing, and coach Estes is very good with iro
  3. sorry I've been on work related travel, just got back this evening. @howaboutme: Are you referring to Twin Lakes or Twin Oaks? Twin Lakes is much more forgiving than Twin Oaks. My boy is very inconsistent so he can shoot a very good score one day and lousy score the next. He did well at Penderbrook but bad at Blue Mash and Falls in MD. We're in the Langley area so it takes about 35 mins to get to Twin Lakes and Westfields (without traffic). My goal is for him to practice over the summer at Riverbend because that's where Langley HS will do the tryouts but unfortunately, it is
  4. Matsuyama won the Masters in 2021 so he will get: - lifetime invitation to Masters tournament, - PGA tour exemption for the next five years, - European tour exemption for the next seven years, What will happen if Matsuyama win the PGA next year? Does it mean he will get 9 years of PGA tour exemption and 13 years of European tour exemption, or the clock gets reset to a new five years?
  5. He just got back from Raspberry fall today and scored +126. Basically triple bogey every hole.
  6. Updated: - He played Glendale on Saturday mornig and did better than I expected. He scored par on 4 holes and bogey the other five holes. - He played at Falls road golf course in Potomac on Saturday afternoon and did bad. bogey just about every holes. - He played at Raspberry golf course in Leesburg and did ok on the 18 holes. Par 9 holes and bogey 9 holes, - He played at Penderbrook golf course in Fairfax this morning and did bad. He was hitting the fairway on all 18 holes but the chipping and putting were so bad, I am going to have him play on the a
  7. @TripleBogeysrbetter: Thank you very much for the tip at Westfield. it is about 35 mins from where we live. The rest is too far from us. My boy couldn't play at Glendale yesterday due to a severe thunderstorm in the DMV region. He is playing there this afternoon. Will report back. I just called Westfield and 15 years old and under is free after 3pm, not 17 and under. Yes, it will work with my son and the recently graduated D1 player. My wife is a director in IT sale and she said that she will pay the D1 player $100 for playing 18 holes golf with our boy, including the cours
  8. Thank you everyone for your input. He is playing at Jefferson golf course this morning and at Falls road golf course in Potomac this afternoon. My wife found a D1 golfer who just recently finished his college playing career, and he agrees to play golf with my son on most of the long golf course. How much would you pay for his service? The golf coach charges 2 hours ($200/hr) on a 9 holes course and that's too much for me. How much would you pay the D1 golfer to play along with my kids? Btw, I just found out that there are so many good public long golf course in Montgomery County Maryland
  9. I already mentioned that the tryouts takes place at Riverbend CC, that should give folks a hint that he is attending Langley HS. Langley home course is Riverbend CC while Mclean home course is Hidden Creek CC in Herdon. Just want him to make the team and hang out with other kids on the team. He went to play again at Jefferson golf course this morning and bogey every holes, with a +2 on hole #8. He is playing this evening at Glendale golf course, assuming no thunderstorm. Will report back.
  10. Updated: I just got back from Jefferson golf course with my son for another round of golf this afternoon, and apparently he did so much better this time around with bogey free and -5 under. hole 1; par 4: birdie hole 2; par 4: birdie hole 3; par 3; par hole 4; par4: par hole 5: par 5: birdie hole 6: par 4: birdie hole 7; par 3; par hole 8; par 4: par hold 9; par 4: birdie He said he didn't do anything different this time around than in the morning session. My wife will take him to play at Glendale golf course in Alexandria
  11. The school has normal tryouts at Riverbend CC golf course which I am not a member and it is expensive to join. yes, +2 from hole 1 to hole 8.
  12. I trust the instructor opinion but it does not hurt to get opinions from others as well. He just got home from his 9 holes round this morning at Jefferson golf course. He said that he is +2 on every hole with the exception of the last hole which is a par 4 (220 yards) which he eagle the hole.
  13. Coach Vechery said that he is very confident that my son will make the team. School will end in two weeks and my son will play 18 holes everyday. Without coaching, how can you improve? It is like taking Thermodynamic class without college professor. Thank you. We live in a very affluent area of Northern Virginia (Langley/Great Falls). Just about everyone in this area is affluent. Many of them are members of Riverbend Country Club but we're not.
  14. Problem with him is that he can be so good one day and really bad the next. A weeks ago, he eagle hole 9 Par 4 at the Jefferson course. Yesterday, he +2 on the same hole.
  15. This past weekend, he only played 9 holes due to transportation issue so my wife had to drive him to play at the Jefferson golf course in Falls Church, Virginia on both Saturday and Sunday. According to my wife: Saturday: hole 1: Par 4: par hole 2: Par 4: par hole 3: Par 3: bogey hole 4: Par 4: double bogey hole 5: Par 5: par hole 6: Par 4: bogey hole 7: Par 3: bogey hole 8: Par 4: bogey hole 9: Par 4: birdie Sunday: hole 1: Par 4: bogey hole 2: Par 4: double bogey hole 3: Par 3: par hole 4: Par
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