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  1. I agree with this. Offset, alignment, and loft/lie is going to be the most important.
  2. It's important to distinguish what kind of bermuda, there's tons of different breeds that are used on many different courses. The grain, firmness, and speeds will vary accordingly.
  3. This is turning into a moot point. All I'll say is Jimmy Walker, Scottie Scheffler, Kelly Kraft, Abraham Ancer, Ryan Palmer, the Coody brothers and many other Texans played in the state's public school system and they turned out alright. Never said private or home-school was a bad option, just that it's not a requirement to play golf at the highest level as a junior.
  4. Right, but golf within the school is not considered an absence since it is approved by the school district. So legally he is only "missing" five days of school. Generally men's college tournament travel on the weekend, first round is Sunday or Monday, second round is Monday or Tuesday, sometimes all three if you don't play 36 the first day. We ALWAYS returned on Tuesday nights. There are exceptions to this with higher end tournaments, but that generally the format for the majority of Men's events. Also, you're not considered absent if you're attending the class virtually, just because you're physically not on campus does not necessarily mean you're absent so it does not count toward your allotted absences. There's a large difference between golf outside of school vs. school sponsored tournaments. It's important to distinguish between the two.
  5. Nobody is disagreeing with you on attendance laws, I'm aware of state economics. I'm simply saying that it is not necessary to miss school to play superb golf at a junior level, since most junior events are during the summer. Additionally, 10 days per semester is NOT strict. I played Division 1 golf and we did not miss that many days of class during the regular season.
  6. Not really. I grew up in Texas and played in the public school system, no complaints here. I didn't know a single student that was "forced" to go to a private school. In fact, all of the top juniors in the state played for public schools when I was in high school. I was ranked top 20. The Texas 6A public school system has more golf competition than any other state, it's extremely beneficial for college golf. Especially since Texas structures their school tournaments like collegiate events. I never mentioned missing school though... Like I said, most relevant junior tournaments are during the summer, so missing school is hardly ever necessary for highly ranked junior events like Junior Am, most AJGA events, and invitationals.
  7. Website says free shipping on orders over $89.99
  8. Totally forgot about this course. The second hole at Bayonet is one of the toughest tee shots I've ever played, such an awesome course though.
  9. I'm sure by this point you have already made a decision... but Westhaven, Legends, and Brentwood CC are options. If you have the money, there's Richland, Belle Meade, and Hillwood, however, they're definitely more snooty than the other options. Honestly, I would wait a few years before you make a decision. In the past two years membership fees have gone up so much that I'm not sure it is worth it at the moment. Surely it will inevitably go back down. Westhaven just raised their initiation from $6,500 to $40,000.
  10. I'm not saying it doesn't slow down play, but I think that's a tough stance to take in the nature of this debate. I've played competitively for 20 years, including college and have not felt that driver length specifically is what makes a noticeable difference. Driver length aside, Trackman has proven that the longer players are usually the straighter players due to kinematic sequencing increasing clubhead stability and clubhead speed simultaneously. I play a 48" driver and I'm an anomaly compared to my state and USGA level friends. NOBODY plays these. I see what you're saying, I respectfully disagree. .
  11. I second this. People are acting like a 48'' driver is an automatic fairway bomber. This isn't true AT ALL. I play a 48" driver right now and my dispersion is significantly larger than it is with a 46". It's much hard to sequence your swing with a longer club. Such a stupid rule.
  12. I played competitively with both. The LABs are awesome and roll really pure, the only downside I experienced is you give up a lot of feel with a LAB. 10 feet and in and you're money, however, lag putts just don't feel natural and are hard to find feel. There's definitely an argument to be made that 10 feet and in is mostly all that matters. I switched back to a conventional putter, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder with these! Hard to argue results.
  13. I'm not an expert, but the Ts in "The Art of Putting" look crooked to me. Could just be the old paint fading creating the illusion though.
  14. The BGT steel tip comes straight but can be bent to a double bend tip, if you know what you are doing... I ordered an Artisan putter and this is what they are doing.
  15. Thanks everyone for the responses, for some reason I did not get notifications that there were any... I was under the impression that the BGT, like a LAGP, did not have a steel tip, and that it had to be housed over a steel tip to create a double bend shaft. Now that I know it comes with a steel tip it makes a lot more sense.
  16. I believe the entry-level barebones stainless steel putter is $900. Depending on shafts, customization, finishes, and head material, the sky is the limit with how expensive you go. It's expensive, but if you're an avid golfer then I'd say it's worth it. I'd rather have a putter built for me over a fancy Cameron that might not fit my stroke.
  17. Yes, I did a phone fitting. I just mirrored all of my specs that my putting coach from college had me in. The experience was awesome. You work directly with John, he went well over the 30 minute time slot, he was super knowledgeable and helpful. It's obvious that he genuinely wants to make you a good club. He made some really good recommendations and was open to me contacting him in the future if I have any questions about my putter. A+ experience, we'll see how the putter turns out.
  18. Just got off the phone with my order. Placed an order for an Oxidado 0519, I will post pictures once I receive the putter (4-6 weeks)!
  19. Hello all, I'm currently having a custom putter built and am looking at putting in a double bend shaft. I'm interested in the LAGP or Stability Shaft. Although, you must cut a steel double bend shaft and attach the graphite shaft to the steel double bend, since you obviously cannot bend a graphite shaft. This seems counterintuitive to me, because I imagine it would defeat the purpose of a graphite shaft and mess with the integrity of the shaft. Does anyone have experience with this? Picture from another thread for reference.
  20. I played junior golf at a high level and attended public school. 99% of relevant junior tournaments are during the summer, if your game isn't progressing on a public/private school schedule then you probably aren't practicing efficiently and you are probably going to struggle in college golf. I wouldn't buy it, if you look at WAGR or the AJGA rankings the majority of those players are attending school. Nothing against home schoolers, it's not a bad option, it's just not a necessity to play great golf.
  21. How to Apply In a post below, answer the following questions 1. Nashville, TN 2. 1 3. Callaway Epic 4. My current 2 iron is outdated (PING Rapture) and I have been searching for a good hybrid/driving iron. 5. Yes
  22. Yeah there's not really such thing as a terrible putter on tour. Moe Norman is the the only person that comes to mind when I think of "bad" putting.
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