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  1. This is good advice. Get comfortable on with the 56, then look into adding a 52 and 60. Keeping your lofts 4 degrees apart is going to be the most beneficial imo. Outside of that is fine, 4 just makes the most sense to me. I'd practice hitting low, controllable shots from full shots to little pitch shots. Around the green work on all kinds of ball flights, high, low, mid, etc... Don't just give yourself a perfect lie every time, change it up.
  2. This.... plus, there's hardly a difference between Lamb and Circle T. Sure Scotty has a commercial line, but the Circle T business model is almost identical. Good luck getting any of those studio releases even if you have a bot. In their Encinitas store you still have to raffle to have an opportunity to purchase Circle T bags. Never hear any hate towards Scotty's business model. People don't like economics!
  3. I'm not sure you'd want to do this. The steel tip is part of the Stability shaft, I'd imagine removing it would mess with the integrity of the shaft. It comes as a two piece shaft, you do not install your own steel tip.
  4. I just received mine, I thoroughly enjoy it. I will say, you'll have to find an experienced club builder to bend the shaft for you. From my understanding, you cannot purchase the stability this way. Shaft is BGT Stability Tour Black.
  5. Thanks! I love the T alignment on top, makes it super easy to line up.
  6. Miss Texas so I had to get something to remind me of home
  7. Another really cool project to check out is The New Basement Tapes. It's Marcus Mumford, Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), Elvis Costello, and a few others. They recorded an album of unreleased Bob Dylan songs, it's really cool.
  8. Right when Adams was at their peak too. They were making such good clubs.
  9. More competitive? It takes the average D1 golfer 7 years after graduation to make it to the PGA tour, and he's wanting more competition?
  10. If you like the Petey song, you'd definitely like LCD Soundsystem if you're not into them already. If you like the EDM/Indie vibe, here's a few:
  11. Looks like a Cameron X Michelin colab
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