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  1. Another really cool project to check out is The New Basement Tapes. It's Marcus Mumford, Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), Elvis Costello, and a few others. They recorded an album of unreleased Bob Dylan songs, it's really cool.
  2. Right when Adams was at their peak too. They were making such good clubs.
  3. More competitive? It takes the average D1 golfer 7 years after graduation to make it to the PGA tour, and he's wanting more competition?
  4. If you like the Petey song, you'd definitely like LCD Soundsystem if you're not into them already. If you like the EDM/Indie vibe, here's a few:
  5. Looks like a Cameron X Michelin colab
  6. This is a good question. I personally have never agreed with the "standard" grip size of a golf club, I think it's way too small for most people's hands, especially men. I feel like most would benefit from at least a mid-sized grip. I've never tried a jumbo max, so I can't speak to that.
  7. I'm 6' 0" and have similar stats to you, my speed is around 115 and average carry is 275-280. I just switched to a longer than standard driver (right before the USGA switched their standard length rule ). My speed and carry have gone up to just about match your numbers exactly. However, you're exactly right, dispersion does increase. It's simply because the longer club is harder to release, which is probably the same thing you experienced. My long driver requires a much different release pattern than I am used to.
  8. Doesn't the Ventus Black driver shaft have a completely different profile than the Ventus Black HBs?
  9. As titled... PM me what you have!
  10. Like PJM said, those are Gripmaster. Not the cheapest
  11. How is it? I have the exact same Teryllium that I'm wanting to do this to.
  12. How To Enter 1. Done 2. Did you join the newsletter? Yes 3. Choose your shaft finish. Black Gloss 4. Why would you like to win the KBS Tour One Step Putter Shaft? To compare against Stability Shaft and LAGP, plus it would look great on my OG Te13
  13. Not sure if there has been one documented, good question though.
  14. Again, the burden of proof is on the person proving it is real. I'm just giving my opinion to OP, it seems shady, Simply saying "I've been in the industry a long time", "I'm a Cameron fan", "I know fake Camerons" is not evidence, it's simply a fun fact. We are all Cameron fans, that's why we're here.
  15. What are you talking about? My opinion is that the putter is not real, so I provided evidence for why I think that. Why would I provide evidence for an authentic putter if I do not think the putter is authentic? Neither am I making an argument that the work was done by Cameron. I just made an observation that it was not done by Cameron and is shoddy work which means it could be counterfeit. I'm very confused.
  16. Yeah they're larger than normal, I accidentally put small. An accident, chill, lol.
  17. Boy if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black... seems I've pressed a few buttons. Sure, I'll post a picture when I get home.
  18. No, the large cherry bombs told me it was fake. My goodness that's a hot take on the CNC statement.
  19. I have a fake fastback sitting at home right now. It has perfect CNC milling and clean lines, the only difference is the size of the cherry bombs. Not all fakes are the same.
  20. Yeah it's probably more prevalent with some clubs than others. I see what you're saying though.
  21. I've given my evidence of why it is fake, you can scroll up if you'd like. Either way, the burden of proof lies on proving the club is real when you're purchasing a Cameron. Nobody has sufficiently proved this putter is real LOL. Why would anyone assume something is real, especially with red flags like this one? That's plain ignorant.
  22. So some random counterfeit picture is all the sudden the metric for all counterfeits? LOL
  23. For most golfers I'd say so, subconsciously at least. Why don't most men get pink golf pride grips? They perform the exact same as other golf pride grips... same concept, but largely more important. Because the appearance of a club (top line, flange, offset, etc.) actually has an impact on ball flight and forgiveness.
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