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  1. Callaway has the 105TX as stock Graphit option. Never seen the 125TX offered by any OEMs.
  2. Where was it publicised that FS is going to refresh the Mevo+?
  3. Do OEMs currently still use different iron weight inserts to compensate for different shaft weights or do all iron heads have the same weight?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYJb5_RYzq4
  5. Maybe Mavrik Sub Zero (450CC)? (Does Callaway sell Epic TD for lefties?)
  6. Another vote for the SLDR, you should be able to find many reasonably priced option on eBay etc. Has the price of the OO really significantly dropped since the release of the 300 Mini? I remember earlier this year, post Phil's win, that the OO were ridiculously priced
  7. P7MC have a noticeable thicker top line than the T100. I was given a set of T100 and T100s a few weeks ago for testing and I felt slightly uncomfortable with the small size of the T100/s and this reflected on my performance with these clubs
  8. Demoed the i59s today, overall I would say they are really similar/ identical to my current P7MC in terms of looks and performance. No so sure about the feel and the pricing of the clubs though…
  9. For the tee surface height setup, if you use a tee for driver do you have to add the tee height to hitting mat height to get accurate AoA results?
  10. Also prefer the the ZX7 over the T100s. My biggest issue with the new T100 and the T100s is, that Titleist is focusing to hard to create the ultimate tour iron and pushed the T100 closer to the 620 MB/CB market.
  11. For me it would really depend on the length of the product life cycle. If a Tier 1 OEM increase the cost of their metal wood after 1 year into their 2 year lifecycle, I would seriously reconsider my buying decisions. On the other hand I would probably accept if Miura "adjust" their pricing of e.g. MC501 after 3-4 years
  12. Most 15 HCP should have the ability to play whatever irons it wants. Market segments should not always be categorised by HCP but rather what the club is designed to do. I haven't hit the i59s, though I have played a few rounds with the new Titleist Irons and as well as the the Gen3 P790 (only UDI).While it is true that the T200 and P790 probably have a similar addressable market, these two irons are designed to excel in different things. IMO the P790 should be the prime benchmark for your players DISTANCE iron market. The new T200 on the other hand really focuses to deliver an tour inspired look (thin topline and offset), while cramping in as much forgiveness as possible.
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