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  1. Correct me please if I am wrong, launch angle is the result of dynamic loft and angle of attack right? To archive the same launch angle, with a negative AoA you have to "compensate" with a hight dynamic loft thus the smash should be lower compared to a positive AoA with dynamic lower loft
  2. Find a simulator and try measure these datas: clubspeed, ballspeed, AoA, Spin, Carry distance
  3. MyMG3 offers a lefty raw option
  4. No, fusion tracking will be available for all Mevo+ units, but without the Pro package no additional metrics will be available
  5. Fusion tracking has nothing to do with the Pro package. All of the additional metrics are listed on the FS website, with the release being expected for the PGA Show
  6. I am in a similar situation, currently testing the 125TX in my irons and looking for a 100g+ low torque hybrid/driving iron shaft. Wonder how the MMT compares to something like Nippon GOST?
  7. At your swing speed you should get fitted
  8. Thats just wrong on so many levels... Comparing different lofts (e.g. ZX7 32 degrees vs P7MC 34 degrees) and total carry distance does not correlate to ball speed without accounting for spin and launch.
  9. Hey all, has somebody any experience with these 3 shafts: Steelfiber i110 MMT Utility iron Nippon Gost I am interested in their X/TX versions and they all fall in a similar weight category. Currently gaming the SF i95 but its to light for me and unfortunately no fitters near me are demoing/fitting these shafts Many thanks!
  10. Lets assume those numbers are correct, than at those SS it's a no brainer to switch to X-stiff.
  11. https://www.flightscopemevo.eu/propackage
  12. If you like the DG profile and can't load the X100, why don't you go for S400/S300?
  13. How is the experience with AoA? On my unit the AoA seems way off and I have measured all distances and high for the setup. Using it exclusively on the range/outdoor.
  14. Saw online a cheap Mizuno MP20 fitting head with a side screw for the fitting shafts and I want to use it for as a test bench. Question is, can I install a normal shaft with epoxy or are the fitting heads differently build? Many thanks!
  15. Bent the weaker or sell them...
  16. Callaway has the 105TX as stock Graphit option. Never seen the 125TX offered by any OEMs.
  17. Where was it publicised that FS is going to refresh the Mevo+?
  18. Do OEMs currently still use different iron weight inserts to compensate for different shaft weights or do all iron heads have the same weight?
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYJb5_RYzq4
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