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  1. Not sure why you're disillusioned, what I'm disillusioned about is how many 2021 drivers I see in people's bags. Frankly, I find it bizarre that so many are so easily dragged into having the latest and greatest in their bags - and/or if they were actually comparison fitted or not. While it's often said that technology changes enough that drivers time out every five years or so, your results also make me wonder if it was your current shaft or not (and if you'd hit the heads you tried with your current shaft to make an accurate comparison) ... because oftentimes it's more about the shaft than it is about the actual head, and in a way why you see Tour pros (Rory McIllroy being the most recent example) go back to shafts they were hitting 5 years ago. Personally, whenever I do a lot of club demo-ing - whether it's at one of a numerous manufacturer demo days at my club, or in my travels and visits to bigbox golf retailers, I'm always trying different stuff. But I'm never disillusioned when my old stuff performs better or just as well as the new stuff - actually, I'm kinda happy about it. At the same time my driver and fairways don't match, they're different models and years, as I don't want anything in my bag that I don't hit the best whether it's this year's model or one 5 or 10 years old.
  2. I think if you'd follow professional golf long enough you're always going to recognize names below the cutline, literally every week, that will leave you wondering "what in the heck happened to so-and-so?". ... And, while no offense to Mr. Kaufman, other than his unique middle name, he really hasn't had much of a professional career other than one good year five years ago. But suggesting he should sell insurance, well, if you used that perspective on all tour pros, the fields would be pretty thin.
  3. Seems a surefire way to ruin a graphite shaft, and directly lead to its early demise by compromising the interior walls of the shaft. Brass tipweights are more intended for use with steel shafts, whereas tungsten powder (or graphite shaft specific tipweights) would seem to be a more prudent move.
  4. Not unless she's tells you, "Honey, you really do suck at golf." A buddy called me up the other week to tell me about his round, but instead goes off on his playing partners for the day ... "You should have seen them, two little old white haired ladies. Neither one could hit it out of their shadows. But the one of them had a bag with only 4 or 5 clubs in it, hit everything dead solid and straight, had this chipper she used on every shot inside 100 yards, and I think she one-putted at least half the greens. She might have played the forwardest set of tees, and I bet she was 90, but she probably could have broke 90 if she'd played 18 holes instead of just nine."
  5. What's your skill level that you thought you should have a 3-iron in your bag, let alone a 2-iron?
  6. 1 - This isn't a pay-for site like eBay or something, so moderators are not going to intervene. It's not their job. 2 - As b.helts said above, people change their mind, perhaps they got a better offer. 3 - You've made 5 total posts on GolfWRX, 3 in this thread alone. It makes it appear that you only joined this site to sell stuff, and also makes sellers very leery. And then when you started making demands of the seller it could have made them think you're shady. 4 - Your beef is with PayPal. You don't have the item, and you don't have current access to the money. File the required paperwork with PP and be done with it.
  7. You'd have to submerge it under water for it to bleed bubbles. ...
  8. If I was you I'd ask the pro at your course, as it seems they have their reasons. And frankly, with the long-standing complaints of scores being posted in handicapped tournaments by sandbaggers, it just seems they're trying to eliminate the practice round loophole - and being as the course is it's own Committee, they're allowed to amend USGA Rules to fit their needs/purposes. My favorite example of "excessive practice round players" is one guy at the club I used to be a member of. The running complaint was that the same guy would win his flight, every single year, in seemingly every handicapped tournament concluding with the club championship. He played a lot, but posted few rounds, and always explained his extra rounds as practice. One day, in hearing someone complaining in the 19th hole I said, "Of course he just beat his handicap by 7 strokes. If he's only turning in his bad rounds, and uses his good ones as practice, not including his practice rounds, he's artificially inflating his own handicap - because he plays so much leading up to tournaments he's better than his 'cap via repetition."
  9. My favorite is getting change back at the drive-thru window. My total for lunch is $7.83. So I hand the young person at the window a $10 bill, three ones, and 8 cents ... so I can get $5.25 (a $5 bill and a quarter), and they look at me just baffled. I've actually had them hand me back the three ones and 8 cents, and then make change from the $10 bill. But let's not be so fast to blame the kids. This trend started decades ago, probably as far back as the first pocket calculators in the 70s. I went back to college 30 years ago, and even then I was shocked at how few kids back then could do basic addition and subtraction in their heads, let alone be able to solve a basic algebraic equation on paper. And now, you have a whole generation that grew up with computers and can barely write.
  10. To me it's like trying to choose a spouse based on whether they're attractive over if they're good in bed.
  11. Seems as if it's a no-brainer to me. My current home course has three nines and has a similar situation regarding a fairly short par-4, in which a pond fronts the entirety of the front of the green. To me the obvious play is a mid- to short-iron lay-up short of the water (depending on the teebox), and a short-iron or wedge to the green. But it seems every time I play that course at least one of my playing partners go for the green. Most of the time it results in a ball in the water, or at best wildly missing the green. Have yet to see anyone make an eagle even if they do manage to hit it on, while mostly I see a lot of 6s and 8s and worse. Me, I'd rather take my safe 3 to 5 and move along. The risk-reward just doesn't seem a viable option. And in your case the risks are even more penal - as the further you hit it, the greater chance of losing 2 shots or more by hitting it in the water or OB. Just doesn't seen to be a hole to be screwing around with.
  12. "Nobody cares who finished second, unless you keep reminding everyone who finished second." - anonymous "Nobody remembers the guy who finished second, but the guy who finished second." - Bobby Unser
  13. Yeah, I've only ever had a couple of clowns do that kind of crap too. One was a change jiggler, when anyone was over a makeable putt on any green where he was in the running for the hole. The other was a cougher, seemingly on every teebox, in the middle of whomever had honors' backswing. First guy, every time he jiggled, I'd look at him and say, "Seriously, are playing with your balls?" He'd quit for a bit only to do it again a few holes later, claiming it was a nervous habit. Finally I took to loosening the strap on his golf bag on the next teebox and laughing my a** off when he'd dump his clubs heading down the cart path. He got the message. Second guy, on the first par-3, I intentionally planned to hold off my follow-thru to so as to hit a low knock-down half swing shot - and when he coughed, I flipped my club over my back in his direction. ... He jumped like his shoes were on fire. When he looked at me all angry like, I said, "Next time you cough during my shot I'm going to be making a full swing, and my reactionary toss is going be coming at you about 50mph faster." Rest of the day nobody would stand within 10 feet of him on the tee box, but his gamesmanship BS stopped.
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