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  1. Driver - 9.5o 3 Wood - 14.5o @15.5o 3 Iron - 19o 4 Iron - 22o 5 Iron - 25o 6 Iron - 28o 7 Iron - 32o 8 Iron - 36o 9 Iron - 41o PW - 46o GW - 50o SW - 54o LW - 58o
  2. The head of my putter feels too light but I don't want to spend the money to by a new one. This could be a stupid question. Was thinking of trying some lead tape, would it be best to apply it to the middle back or the Middle heel/toe of the putter. Not sure if where i put the lead tape will have a huge effect on the putter.
  3. I am looking into buying either a 2 Iron or Hybrid, have a massive distance gap between my 3 Iron and 3 Wood. What are benefits of both?
  4. Hi, Chipping is definitely one of the weaker parts of my game but it is also very boring to practise. What are the best drills/games to improve chipping other than going to the practise green and chipping from the same spots over and over again. Cheers
  5. Couldnt agree more!! I have a split set, MMC's from P-7 and HMB's from 6-3. Very easy to use and feel amazing.
  6. 13.1 at the moment, playing a Cobra Speed Zone 15o with a Tensei Blue 65 Stiff. The 3 wood has always been the stick I struggled with the most, really enjoying using this one and slowly getting better. I find the speed zone is very easy to get in the air from the fairway.
  7. 4 Wedge Setup PW-46o, GW-50o, SW-54o, LW-58o The course I currently am a member has very frim and fast greens, there are a lot of tricky situations so I find having that extra wedge very helpful. My old course was very flat and the greens were slow so I was playing three wedges there with an extra long iron.
  8. At the moment I am playing TP5's and after I hit a few in the water I change to a Taylor Made soft response . Thinking of changing to a TP5x for some extra spin.
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