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  1. Looking for a Ventus Blue 5 or 6S with velocore. Taylormade tip is a bonus. Length doesn't matter 42.5 or more inches
  2. I feel like most people who have responded to this have taken it out of context. I understand economics. I also understand supply chain issues as well as PXGs DTC business model. They have great prices right now for their clubs....even with the upcharges they are still a nice set of irons. I just thought it was amusing that they wanted $30 extra for a single grip. Again, GP is way behind on their grip manufacturing due to supply shortages. Also, PXG probably wants to sell their grips because it makes them more money. I'm not really complaining about anything here other than stating that they're over charging for something that you literally can change yourself given you have the time and resources. I can tell who on here is a PXG homer...which is fine too. I recently bought a set of New Level 623 CBs which come with their own "tour velvet" like grip because they were having sourcing issues from other manufacturers. I find their grip to be just as good of quality as GPs. My opinion is you should probably just buy the PXG grips for free (which are okay grips) and change them yourself, which is economical and easy.
  3. The clubs are more than reasonably priced, I just thought it was an interesting observation. I don't buy into the supply and demand issues either because the grips they're upcharging for are readily available at my local shop. No knock on PXG, they can price however they like...it was just different than most.
  4. Srixon ZX Fairway Wood - 15 Degrees Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S (New Graphics) Length: Plays 43" Grip: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G - New Condition Headcover included. Asking $OLD Please, no trades at this time. Thank you!
  5. I can install my own grips, it's easy...it just blows my mind how expensive they can charge for a grip.
  6. I was bored today at work and have been contemplating ordering a set of the 0211 DC irons 6-G as a fun set that I can take around in the offseason. I changed the grip option from the PXG grip that is standard to a Golf Pride offering and it is a $30 upcharge per grip. $180 upcharge for 6 grips is insane when I could buy almost 30 GP Tour Velvet grips for that price at my local shop. I totally understand that you should just buy the standard grip and change them yourself, which I have no problem doing....but $30 per grip?? Damn Dr. Bob, relax.
  7. My apologies...I edited my post....Sorry about that all!
  8. I just ordered a 9* Stealth Plus from Discount Dan's with a Ventus Blue Velocore 5S (I know, I know....but that is the shaft I was fitted for in my TSi2). I have not hit the driver. It'll be interesting to see what it feels like in comparison to my TSi2 which is the best, most consistent driver I have ever owned. Ball speed retention on off-center hits would be nice. TSi2 will be hard to beat.
  9. Willing to buy a stock Stealth Plus 9* head only or with stock Kai'li shaft. Cheers,
  10. Project X IO 6.0 are similar in weight and close in profile.
  11. I understand that, I'm okay with their profiles...I'm more interested in the Kai'li in the driver and the RDX in the fairway. But buying off the rack, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a "made for" shaft?
  12. My apologies if this has already been asked, but for those who have hit the stock Kai'li White shaft, is it the real-deal with the MR70 tip technology? I know the RDX Red has the Hexcel in the tip. This will determine which stock shaft I choose. I'll ultimately put my Ventus Blue Velocore in there, but having a real-deal stock shaft as a backup is not a bad thing. Cheers
  13. My favorite club is the 939X hybrid. I have both a 3H and 4H head. I swap them in and out of my bag depending on the course or if I have my 4 iron in the bag or not. I have a Ventus Blue HB 7S that I swap between the two heads. I play my 4H shaft 0.5" long so it is standard length in the 3H head. I've also had a set of 699s that I loved, but I sold them on here last year and am kicking myself for doing so. They're a great primary set or a secondary set if you have a preferred set of gamers. I am hoping they refresh the 699s sometime soon, I can see them and New Level having major competition especially with their new line of irons. I have a set of 639 CBs (raw heads) waiting for me in Sycamore, just waiting on my shafts to arrive. Jason and his team are the real deal!
  14. I don't off the top of my head, the club-head wrappers had them on there but I didn't keep them. If you email the guys at Twirled, I'm sure they could get the weights for you. My apologies.
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