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  1. A guy probably has a better chance of getting gals with a golf trophy than a gold medal. Just sayin.......
  2. I’d rather win the most podunk PGA Tour event than a gold medal.
  3. Maybe he likes pesticides and poop. Guys that drop burning cigars/cigarettes and pick them back up are just as foolish. Anyway, dip one end of your towel in water before you start and you won’t suck balls.
  4. Remote control irrigation systems are the best way to keep carts on paths.
  5. Sorry, your wrong. You just can’t do that. First you need to spend hours on a stimulator to see what your launch angle, ball apex, and dangle angle are and get custom fit for a unobtainium carbon fiber driver that’s matched to a ball that suits the spin rate, elevation, relative humidity, and barometric pressure of the course you’re playing. And if your belt doesn’t match your headcovers, then don’t even bother making a tee time. Oh, and post every shot on Instagram, Tik Tok, and I’ll-Be-Damn so you can impress folks you’ll never meet and complete strangers can critique your golf swing because they read about golf on Google somewhere and got drunk at Top Golf once.
  6. I always thought some of the best aspects of golf were manners, honesty, character, and sportsmanship. Sadly a lot of today’s game is folks in gym shorts, playing music, hitting 3 balls of the tee and treating the course like a play ground while acting like somebody owes them something for their efforts and greens fees.
  7. Bingo. Ivy League law school is about as relevant as what color shoes he was wearing. Unless it’s a passive aggressive way to say he’s never wrong.
  8. Can’t say I ever thought about is as a “problem”
  9. Isn’t that why longer hitters play from the tips?
  10. “Perfect is the enemy of the good” I mean, a fella gets fit with the perfect head to a perfect shaft at the perfect length and a perfect grip using the perfect ball with the perfect range from a perfect lie with his perfect shoes and his perfect shirt and perfect glove studying his perfect stats from his perfect practice session with all the perfect internet advice. I mean damn, what could go wrong? Oops, not everyone gets a trophy.
  11. 1. I need blades. 2. You don’t need blades. 3. See 1 and 2.
  12. I’ve never in my life heard of a superintendent with “no playing or range privileges”
  13. Its a diminishing returns thing, IMHO. Blade stigma: I have blades, I must be good. Cigar stigma: I have a $60 cigar, I must know the difference. Ball stigma: these are $100/dozen, I’m good. Shaft stigma: Mine are extra stiff, because I’m a big time swinger. 275 yard driver stigma: short knocker 325 yard stigma: I’m really f’n good feel free to continue..... It’s hilarious what Karen and Todd are up to these days. The Jones’s retired and went to Florida.
  14. What about 4x4 shaming? Big time 20 handicap city slicker parks way back in the parking lot? That truck is never going off road. Maybe the 4wd will engage on the way home from golf galaxy on a winters day when there was nothing to do but hit into a simulator then post on Instagram about all the 300 yard drives. Maybe Dad shaming should be a thing. You know, that same 20 HCP, blade playing 4x4 driving, cigar band smoking Instagram posting, ignoring his wife to drink beer and play Golden Tee with the boyz while the kids are glued to a device so they’ll shut up types. This stuff is never not funny!
  15. Which bathroom does this club use?
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