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  1. Just ordered a new set of irons with the Modus 120S shafts. I'm coming from almost the same set but played the Recoil F4's in my irons and KBS Hi-Rev in my wedges. I decided to experiment with the Recoils this past year because I hit a ton of balls off mats. They feel great and I'm sure my joints thank me, but after going through the entire fitting process the Modus 120's seem to be the best suited for my swing, which is a little aggressive and baseball-ish. My avg driver swing speed is about 110, avg 7i swing speed is around 88. So my question is which Modus wedge shaft do think most fits my profile the Modus Wedge 115 or 125? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. I completely agree with the post above that the 2017 ProV1x has serious durability issues. I feel like Titleist has regressed back to the 2013 ball that would shred. My experience so far is that I can't make it 3-4 holes without some kind of issue with the new 2017 ProV1x. Wedges definitely put groove marks on it, and the wedges I'm using have over 75 rounds on them. I'm not looking forward to using the new Vokeys I just bought, destroying a $4+ with these and ripping them up every time I hit them. This is a real disappointment, not sure if this is a ploy to get me to buy more balls but I think this is going to backfire on them as I am really considering switching balls. I usually buy 16 dozen at the start of the season during the buy 3 get 1 free special. This year Titleist suggested that you try out the new 2017 balls before you buy, which I was unable to do before the special was over. So instead I just bought 4 dozen of each flavor because I wasn't sure which ball would be the best fit for me. I'm not impressed and probably will buy a ton of 2015 ProV1x to try and last me till 2019.
  3. Great to hear your getting 270 vs 260. Do you know why the Epic is going farther? Any increase in distance should be quantifiable. Not trying to knock on you, just interested in where the gains are coming from. I've been able to quantify a portion of my gains to more ball speed, which in turn is a result of the longer playing length. The backspin and launch rates were the same as my old driver, but side spin was reduced and the ball and swing speeds were both a little faster. Possibly factors: 1/2 inch longer shaft Effect of different shaft properties (going from the Oban Devotion6 to the Fujikura Pro 73) Callaway Jail Break technology, whatever effect that has.
  4. Played roughly 7-8 rounds with it so far and I'm a fan. I have been a Titleist driver guy for a long time, but at the end of last season I bought an M1 and played it for about 2 months. While I did get better ball speeds and distance, my accuracy suffered a bit. About a month ago I went to get fit for a different shaft but ended up walking out with the Epic. Every shaft and driver combo I hit, basically carried around 260, Titleist 915, 917, TM M1, M2. My fitter asked me to try the Epic and I said that I had tried it before and it was a hook machine for me. Well the Fuji Pro shaft in the regular Epic head ended up giving me a carry of 270. I then went back to the other drivers to make sure it wasn't my swing, back to 260. At that point I was sold and now after playing it for a bunch of rounds I can report it's longer, has better dispersion and is more forgiving on my mishits. Never imagined I would be playing a Callaway driver, but I can argue with the results.
  5. I appreciate the feedback, I think I'm going to try the same weight in the 3wood. Thanks
  6. I was thinking about getting a Cally Epic 3wood, but I'm not sure what shaft to get. Since I'm in love with my driver/shaft combo I have in my Epic, Fujikura Pro 73, I thought an 83 version of the shaft would be perfect but unfortunately Fuji doesn't offer an 83 version. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience playing the same weighted shaft in both their driver and 3wood?
  7. I just bought a set of PXG irons, 4 iron XF, 5-7 0311 and 8-PW 0311T and I also got a 50* and a 19* hybrid. I used the 0311 lofts throughout the set. I'm really enjoying the combo set, different strokes for different folks I guess.
  8. I just went to a club fitter because I really wanted to try the PXG 0311T's. He was telling me that my current clubs, AP2 712, were spinning too much since they have a lot of weight on the bottom which causes me to lose 14 yards on my miss. Sometimes when I think I flushed it and it comes up a half of a club short, he would say look at the spin and it was high. So of course I need new irons now. So he recommended Srixon, Apex Pro, PXG and TM something, all were bent to the same loft, lie, with the same shaft KBS C-taper and swingweight D4. When I tried them all, I didn't like the feeling of the Srixons or the TM's. The Callaways felt great, way better than anything else that I have ever hit, including or my current gamers, they gave me a sick smash factor with optimal spin and had really tight dispersion. I then tried the PXG's, the Ferrari of golf clubs, let me tell you, if I wasn't for trackman, I would have bought them right there, no question. The feeling is so soft and so solid, it's ridiculous. They had a tiny bit more ball speed over the Callys,1-2 mph, launched the same and spun maybe a tiny bit less. But surprisingly the smash factor and dispersion were worse than the Callys. So I left and was dreaming about the PXGs for the next couple of days. I was telling myself that maybe I just put a few better swings on the Callys than the PXGs and that I needed to test them again. So I went back to the fitter 2 more times to try and let the PXGs beat the Callys but they just couldn't do it. Let me tell you, I've never been so disappointed to save $1,400 on a set of irons, unbelievable, Callys - $1050 PXG- $2450. Well, I'll let you know in a few weeks how it's going since I just received them yesterday.
  9. I'm with jmcdonald, tnvolfan and Geohans, I went from the D3 to the D2. After playing the 913 D3 for two seasons I automatically bought the 915 D3 sight unseen when it was released. Well after playing 5-10 rounds with it I was noticing that I was launching it very low and I was using the same exact shaft in both drivers, Oban Devotion. So I went to the PGA superstore to get a club regripped and decided to have a little contest between the 915D3 and the 915D2 while I was waiting. Well that was the most expensive grip I've ever bought. Right now I'm very happy with the launch, spin and distance of the D2.
  10. Just got the 915D3 driver and I liked it so much that I decided to go out and get a 9015 3wood to replace my current 906F2, which has been in the bag since 2006. I tried hitting both the 915F and 915FD and found that I got better results with the F, which surprised me since the my current 906F2 is a small headed, deep faced, low spin, 3wood. So I couldn't argue with the facts, I bought the 915 F. To be honest, I thought there would be a noticeable difference in crown height ( deepefaceness) between the F and FD, but I had a tough time seeing one. All I could tell was the FD was smaller in total size than the F.
  11. [quote name='Jamboy72' timestamp='1391390546' post='8586848'] [quote name='dwboston' timestamp='1391387078' post='8586592'] [quote name='MyShortGameSucks' timestamp='1391386807' post='8586566'] I currently own both 712 and 714 in the same shaft/lie/length/grip config. Here's my take: I love the looks and forgiveness of the 714, the ball flight is better, and they are undoubted better for my game BUT..I think the feel and feedback from the 712s is much better. So when you are "on" it's more fun playing with the 712. Given that I am "off" more than I am "on" the 714 are in the bag. [/quote] The 714 definitely felt more forgiving to me (and mishits flew better as well), but it surprised me how much better it felt on dead-center hits. The 712's are noticeably more muted to me on dead center hits. [/quote] Agreed...I don't think the 712s felt any better...in fact, I like the 714's much better...The skeptical part of me thinks that those claiming that the 712s "felt" better, etc are trying to convince themselves not to buy the 714s... [/quote] I own both already, no hidden agenda here.
  12. I have owned all 4 sets, all with the same shaft. I thought the 710's were a little improvement over the Originals in terms of look and feel but there wasn't too much of a difference. I thought there was a significant change from the 710's to the 712's because the sole was thinner and the feel was softer, trajectory was different too. From the 712's to the 714's Titleist went back to the wider sole and IMHO a harder feel. I think the Originals, 710's and 714's are very similar in most categories and the 712's are different.
  13. Got a new set of 714 AP2s about 2 months ago, because I'm the idiot who always rushes out and pre-orders the new irons and driver every two years, sight unseen, when they become available. The first chance I got to use them was when I played about 5 rounds on a recent vacation. I was kind of disappionted because I thought they felt a little clacky and wasn't getting the normal good feeling when they were struck pure. I chalked it up to I hadn't played in awhile and figured that I probably wasn't striking it all that well, but I scored ok so what's there to complain about. Well, I just started playing in an indoor league and had a chance to hit them side by side and to me the new 714s felt terrible. I have the same shafts in both, KBS tour x-flex soft stepped, so it was an apples to apples comparison. IMHO it felt like the 712s were forged/softer, where as the 714s felt like they were cast/harder. Not sure if I'm in the minority with my opinion but I going to be selling the new sticks and chalking up a nice loss due to my sickness of being a retarded Titleist whore.
  14. [quote name='EmperorPenguin' timestamp='1387896011' post='8343363'] I love it when idiots put their wedges on the top and the woods on the bottom. They fail to realize that the wedges should be on the bottom because the heads can hang out protruding from the bottom edge of the bagwell instead of rubbing on other hosels. They are good bets you will likely win on the course. This is the convention, guys: woods and putter on the top, wedges on the bottom and all other clubs in the middle slots. You will even find that in some bags, when set vertically, the lower lip is a couple inches lower than the top. Even with that, some clueless hackers still place their wedges on the top. [/quote] Just so you know, I use a stand bag whether I walk or ride. But I switch my wedges and woods around, top and bottom compartments. Walk - Woods on top and wedges on bottom, Riding - wedges go on top and woods on the bottom. So I guess I'm a clueless hacker when I take my bag off the cart and don't rearrange my clubs.
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