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  1. I need a new putter. Right now the TM Spider Tour is discounted to $199 at the PGA store and Golf Galaxy. Anyone played both that and the Huntington Beach? I have a pretty straight putting stroke.
  2. Found a mint Callaway X2 Hot 22* online for about $60. Didn't get to hit it; I'll find out how it plays for me in about a week.
  3. Just watched a few YT videos on the Kirkland wedges... They seem to do really well up against clubs 3x the cost. Nice!
  4. Thanks! Yeah as long as I'm not spending $250 on a single hybrid I'll be fine. Ebay has a ton of $100 or less stuff that seems in excellent shape. Has anyone used the Mavrik hybrids? I found a Mavrik 23* at the PGA store this weekend that was preowned but looked brand new for $130. I might go try it out.
  5. Title sums it up. I played a lot when I was younger, and recently (now 41) started again. Joined a club, and signed up for a few lessons to break some habits (stop overswinging and slicing off the tee). Played a bit on *old* borrowed clubs and hit mid 90s. I don't consider that too terrible since I haven't played in 15+ yrs. I plan to piece together a cheap set and get back to some level of consistency before getting a proper fitting. This is what I've managed to get so far: 2016 Mizuno JPX EZ Driver Mizuno JPX 800 5 Wood 18* 5-PW Ping i15 irons 27*-46* I'm all in to the above for about $350, which seems decent. -I need to close that 18*-27* gap. Any recommendations on a 4 or 4-5 hybrid? Really prefer just one club for now. -Wedges seem difficult to find used in decent shape. I am tempted to splurge on a new Cleveland CBX wedge (56). If I don't slice off the tee, I am by far the weakest within 50yds. Any other advice or thoughts are welcome. Thanks!
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