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  1. Do you have any specific recommendations? I know what you mean about it being inconsistent in the round, but I just can't get it through my head I guess. The way I think of it, you are square at setup, so during the backswing I keep my head still, but how do my hands get back to square on the way down without snapping the wrists or clubhead?? Isn't that releasing the club?
  2. Hey everyone. Trying to figure this out before I pull all my hair out. Do you guys snap your irons and driver at impact to help square the club face? I know I have to compress my irons and I do, but find if I don't snap the club head or snap my wrists closed, the face will stay open sometimes. Am I doing it wrong by snapping closed at impact? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Hey everyone. I've been a golfer for about 5 years, shoot mid 80s on a par72 course. My question is, I've watched so many videos, and wondering what people do at impact. I know with my irons I have to compress the ball, which I do with a decending blow. But I often have trouble squaring the face with my irons and woods. I've found what works good for me is to snap my wrists closed or over at impact, causing the club face to square. Am I doing this all wrong?? Thanks in advance!!
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