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  1. How do you know how many total shots you've hit? I've only played a few sessions but the one thing I have noticed so far is I haven't found a way to see my previous data. It seems like once I close out the program I've lost everything. Is there a way to access historical data?
  2. I have been researching mats nonstop for the last week. It seems like it's really between Country Club Elite and fiber built. Fiber built gives you a little less penalty for fat shots as the ball sits up higher but Country Club Elite seems to be the closest to real life feel from the fairway. The problem with Country Club Elite which everyone points out though is that it is very very harsh on your joints if you hit fat. It grabs the club drastically on steep swings and can lead to some minor injuries for people using it a lot. It seems to be more preferable to people with a shallow swing versus people with a steep swing. For me I'm still leaning going towards it since my goal is improvement and the biggest issue with my swing is being steep so this may force me to fix that. I have been looking at the rain or shine swing turf mat which is supposed to be between the two but haven't found alot of reviews outside their site. The reviews in their site are great.
  3. This is exactly what I was hoping they would have. You described my thoughts perfectly.
  4. Does FSX have any full swing game improvement modules? Is there any practice where you can try to change swings and things of like that
  5. Building out my sim room which will also serve as an office so would want something that is both functional as a putting green and can have furniture on top and not be harsh on the knees for a child. Any suggestions?
  6. Clubs will not have access to the launch pro until 2022 so it just depends on how long you want to wait
  7. The official installation guide does not list windows 11 as compatible not saying it's not but it's not listed as compatible.
  8. You left how how many feet you wished you had gone. Im thinking 3 max but maybe only two. Just worried about wedges. Although I am told a deeper you go the better picture you get
  9. 10 tall or 10 wide? Im placing an order tomorrow. Did you get the standard 5 feet deep, did you really need it that deep? Im thinking about only doing 3 feet as my enclosure is going next to a door.
  10. I'm told windows 11 is not compatable. That graphics card will work but it's on the lower end. I was told to be safe you should have nothing lower than 3060 and 16 GB of usable RAM. I went with this.
  11. Anyone have this setup? I don't have quite the room for a full build at my current house but would like sim capabilities for the GC3 I just purchased. I see net return has an option to place a sim screen into the net return net. Anyone tried this or something similar? Results? Example
  12. Never having owned a simulator and since you've now seen the new release video how did the graphics compare to the other two Premier software programs? I understand there are still going to be serious limitations with courses but for me that's not gonna be a huge issue as I'm not expecting to try to play 100 different courses.
  13. I'm glad they found out, I called and talked to a rep yesterday at foresight about some fsx specs and told him that Bushnell had posted that a lifetime subscription would be an option and he told me, "well that makes no sense, that is what is supposed to make us different". Even the reps didn't know.
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