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  1. Got these off a user here thinking I had the swing speed for x stiff. Surprise I don’t. Looking for 725 shipped obo. 4 iron is 0311p 5-pw is 0311t 50&54 is 0311t All clubs have elevate tour vss pro x flex and mcc golf pride grips.
  2. Great deal on those wedges. Almost want to buy them even though I have the same set.
  3. I feel I’m starting to get this, how did I stop? As a righty my elbow just feels worn out some days.
  4. If you ship these without a lego in the pocket you are doing yourself a disservice, nice ad!
  5. I like wentworth, chi chi Rodriguez, cove cay, fox hollow, the eagles, or duniden country club. All around that area. The country club is nice I also enjoy innisbrook if I want to get punished by thin fairways and high prices.
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