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  1. Nice price on that wedge! Would grab it but I just bought the same one.
  2. looking for lightly used or new. let me know what you have.
  3. oh dang must have missed that. Ill take a quick read.
  4. I understand the principle, but what is the best way to trade golf clubs with another user? I am hesitant. Thanks in advance.
  5. I will take this advice to heart. pitching and chipping has always been a strong suite of mine I generally lose strokes on putting and driving. Although you all have me thinking, my goal with those shorter to mid range shots has always been to get on the green. When chipping I try to pin seek. Think its time to change my mentality when shooting 15-60 yards away from the pin. This would have never crossed my mind as its been my approach for years and have been semi successful with that approach. Used to be happy getting on the green then I became satisfied with it and 3-4 putt. Thanks for the t
  6. This might be the best advice right here. Looking into ways to make sure I am practicing the right things.
  7. I do love understanding a course. Yea wrx may have gotten to me! Had this membership for a week and bought blades lol. I am going to work more on shot dispersion and ball flight for now. You guys are awesome, stay grinding.
  8. Yea it sounds like I will avoid shaping shots for now and work on ball flight. My instructor agrees that is the right course. I have never gone with the one club up play, personally I've always loved full swings so I'm not sure that would work for me. Thank you and keep grinding!
  9. I am unsure how to track progress at this point. have the instructor and lots of practice thing going for me. I am working on honing in my practice techniques and routines.
  10. Alright so play alot and practice putting. I haven't practiced putting very much I will have to include that/ find a good place to practice.
  11. Will do sounds like that is the consensus. Lots of good advice thanks.
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