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  1. "Golf" spelled backwards is "flog." Just a coincidence? I think not...
  2. I wish I could tell you more. My playing companions and I encountered this scene one day, after the culprits had fled. I kept my eye out for players walking the course unsteadily, with cart bags and wet shorts, but it remains a mystery. The course is in south Louisiana, so alcohol was no doubt a contributing factor...
  3. I suspect the beer was long gone by the time they got here…
  4. I have a Big Max DRI LITE Hybrid, and I like it. Functional, reasonably light, and seems well made. Big Max is popular in Europe. Golfsmith (Dick's Sporting Goods) carries the brand, but I bought mine directly from Big Max in the US.
  5. To me, a push cart is the ideal way to get around the course, and in search of the perfect push cart, I’ve amassed a fleet of them. All are mainstream, on everybody’s top ten list, etc., but… IMHO, they all have design flaws. Fortunately, some simple modifications to several of my push carts fixed the most glaring of these flaws: Big Max Blade IP For some reason, there is no support for the bag directly behind the top of it. Tension from the upper bungee, along with banging around the course, tends to force smaller diameter bags through the gap in the upper bag cradles. This s
  6. Consider a Big Max DRI LITE hybrid. It has a 14 dividers, but it doesn't have a dedicated putter well, for what that's worth. Mine fits on my Clicgear 4 cart just fine. Carry straps are comfortable to me.
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