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  1. Anyone notice Yealini towers over her louper (is he local)!
  2. Nice to see Lexi continues her routine/tradition of signing for the younger audience (both side of the pond)!
  3. Ayaka Furue (JLPGA 5 birdies no bogeys 3rd round) is currently at -5. Per player profile her height is 5 ft!
  4. Lexi within striking distance (made a 20+ par save hole #?). A win would erase her very painful 4th round collapse at this year US Open.
  5. Tournament starts August 19th and will be held at Carnoustie golf course. The course is forever associated with Jean Van de Velde 1999 Open collapse. I am looking forward to seeing Smiling Cinderella/Shibuno play!
  6. Team USA Lexi Thompson (random acts of kindness) Despite a heartbreaking loss to Yuka Saso at the US Open, Lexi (declined an interview) still took time to engage with the younger audience (signing).
  7. Nice answer to Korda birdie by Ko!
  8. Interesting leaderboard with some lesser know names on top. Team Japan is being carried by Inami (-6). Team USA being led by the Kordas (charging)!
  9. Would like to see Jenny(money) metal and then declaring her retirement!
  10. Mone Inami and Nasa Hataoka at -1 Shame TV coverage shows very little of Mone play!!
  11. A repeat of the US Open final between Nasa and Yuka for Gold would be a dream match up!
  12. The competition begins Tuesday, August 3rd.
  13. Congrats to XS (amazing short game and putting)! Congrats to CT winning the 7 players playoff (fending off Player of the Year) to take the Bronze!
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