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  1. The heel shafted putter bug bit me. Picked up an Teardrop TD42, TP Mills Spalding #7 & #6, Taylormade TPA XIV & Hogan DBRC Texas 1400. I play with either my Wilson Staff 8802 milled version, AP14 or 8813 Red dot edition. I like to refurbish them...probably going to sell the Hogan & Taylormade. But these all roll the ball really well for me except the Hogan. Not sure since it has no offset maybe? But I really can't tell feel wise the difference between my 8813 & AP14. That Milled 8802 is never leaving my possession, haven't felt a putter like that ever. Feels so pure. B
  2. Is there a huge difference in the ways these different 8802 style putters feel? I have the new released 8802 milled. Which feels amazing. Just picked up an 8813 Australian version with the single red dot, im refurbishing it. Also interested in getting an original 8802 from the 60s but is there much of a difference between that one vs the 90s version vs Wilson Tour Special vs 8802 marked with Original thats curved vs Arnold Palmer "The Original" that Callaway/Pro Group came out with in the late 80s
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