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  1. Anyone used the Speed sticks + the C stick + the pedal at the same time? Just bought the main set and will probably buy the other 2 things also. Just not sure if I can do them all at once or if I am supposed to use the main sticks for 6-8 weeks first? Sorry if it’s a stupid question.
  2. With the pro package, would the mevo + be the best option for hitting into a net in my back garden? My budget is around £4/5k. Could stretch further if needed.
  3. Picked one of these up last week with a C6 Blue shaft. Replaced my g400 max, really like it so far. 10 yards longer than my g400 and probably 30+ Longer into the wind. Much lower ball flight too.
  4. Much lower for me personally, that was one of the big issues I had with the G400 Max, my shots were ballooning high and spinning. I should add that I was playing a shaft that didn't suit me in the G400 so it may be different for you. I'd probably just pay some money for a fitting for the Epic and see if you can get it to beat the Ping.
  5. I used the G400 Max the last couple of years but got fitted for an Epic Max last week. Got a c6 blue shaft in it and I really love it. My Spin rates were crazy with the G400 which was killing me recently. Epic Max is going 20 yards further and dispersion is massively down too. I absolutely loved my G400 too, great driver. Both are very good clubs, just choose whichever one suits you best. There’s no bad option between the two.
  6. I’m still using r11 3 wood along with the original taylormade Mc irons. Using Nike VR wedges also. Think the only club that it’s my bag that isn’t 10+ years is my driver which is a g400. Finally upgrading my irons and woods this month. Playing off 4 and I do feel that the irons are holding me back a little bit on mishits. The 3 wood is still great though but there is definitely much more forgiving options out there for me.
  7. I ordered a custom set on the 18th May through my club pro and delivery time is now expected to be Mid/Late August. This seems way too long. Is anyone else having similar issues? My specs were ETS 120 and + 1/2 inch shaft length.
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