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  1. https://www.skysports.com/golf/us-open/news/14640/12336172 A few quotes "The sad part for me is we celebrate every sport in the world," said dual Masters champion Watson. "We celebrate accomplishments. We celebrate a guy scoring 50 points in the NBA. They are not saying quit shooting three-pointers. "We're the only sport not celebrating accomplishments of being a guy working out in the gym that can hit the ball miles. We're mad at that guy. I don't know why, but we are. I'm not, but some people are - golf course designers. I think Bubba has a point here. It does seem weird that all other sports embrace their athletes becoming bigger and stronger. Why doesn't golf?
  2. Yardages for Round 1 1st 506 Par 4 2nd 464 Par 4 3rd 190 Par 3 4th 539 Par 4 5th 452 Par 4 6th 519 Par 4 7th 460 Par 4 8th 173 Par 3 9th 609 Par 5 Front Nine: 3912 Yards Par 35 10th 518 Par 4 11th 223 Par 3 12th 560 par 4 (Longest Par 4 in history!) 13th 677 Par 5 14th 434 Par 4 15th 513 Par 4 16th 223 Par 3 17th 440 Par 4 18th 568 Par 5 Back Nine: 4156 Yards Par 36 Total 8068 Yards, Par 71
  3. I'd like to be the tournament director. Specifically the guy who sets up the courses. If I had Mike Davis' job I would make the US Open a little more fair
  4. https://twitter.com/TomBrady/status/1377246426477031429/photo/1 Looks in good shape to me
  5. I feel like saying none is hyperbole. So none of these guys even looked strong at all?
  6. lol. Brady is a 3 time league MVP (Should have more) who lead the league in deep passing this year. 40 TDs and 4600 yards in a Bruce Arians offense. Tom aired it out when he was young and he still airs it out
  7. I know the commentators joke the golfers are built like linebackers. Obviously they aren't. But are there any guys on tour who are actually big guys? I know the TV can be very misleading because guys like Rory fill out of camera well but are actually tiny in real life. The cameras add weight Woodland looked to be a strong fella, but he lost a ton of weight the last year. Does weight training have any effect on ball striking?
  8. Over the last 2 years my handicap fluctuated between 2 and 5. Its gone up a little because I haven't played much due to becoming a parent, but I still play at a high level. Just today I played 9 holes at a course with a buddy of mine. The Par 5s are pretty short at 489 and 503. On the 2nd hole, I hit a great drive and had 217 yards in. I smashed a 4 iron and it got up onto the fringe about 20 feet away. My putt finished just short and I tapped in for birdie. And on the 6th hole I hit my drive into the rough. It was a perfect flyer lie though, 231 yards in. I hit another 4 iron that chased up just short off the green, about 10 yards from the whole. My chip clanked off the pin and went a foot right. Another close call. It got me thinking about the last time I made an eagle. I was looking through the scorecards on my app/paper ones from my years of golfing. I've yet to make a 3 on a par 5. I never have made a hole in one, and no 2 on a par 4. I'm eagleless. It just seems strange. You would think it would come along eventually at my skill level. Is this that uncommon or are there other guys without an eagle?
  9. Yes got married last in March. How did you know?
  10. He was far too conservative on Saturday. He was laying up from 240 yards on par 5s, lagging every putt that wasn't 5 feet. He never shot at a pin. And then on Sunday he put up a 75 to lose a chance at the 15th major. This is the day Tiger lost all claim to being the GOAT. He folded like a cheap lawn chair. Ye Yang looked like the Tiger woods of the mid 200s when he hooked his hybrid to 4 feet on 18th. Here is a recap of the chokejob Tiger had Give credit where its due, AcesAZ called this immediately after the fact Tiger Woods was never the same after that. He was embarrassed on the national stage. Exposed as no longer unbeatable after 54 holes. That Sunday in August of 2009 showed why Tiger is not, and never will be the GOAT
  11. I went to the 2015 PGA Championship also played at Whistling Straits. I sat in the grandstands at the monster par 5, I think it was the 11th or 12th hole. Good view of the players hitting their 2nd shots into the green. That would be a good place to take him imo.
  12. The USGA usually gives the pros the Columbus, Ohio sectional qualifiers. Mainly because its right after Ohio tournament and they are already there. I get what your saying, but I think the USGA wants it to be fair to the normal joes who made it out of locals. Don't want every qualifier sending 3 guys who were see on TV. (Branden Grace, Keegan Bradley etc)
  13. Yes. He didn't make it out of locals. He shot 75
  14. I don't think we are that far off. At the US Open, there have been some par 4s like that already Granted, a lot of those par 4's at Chambers Bay were downhill and likely only played 480. But the 4th at Pinehurst in 2014 played a legit 542 yards. And the closing hole at Merion in 2013 was 530 yards on Saturday's round. The European Challenge Tour played a Par 6 that was 783 yards a few years ago. And it wasn't all that difficult. It averaged 5.30 strokes, so while difficult for a par 5, the PGA tour plays par 5's that are harder each year. (14th at Pebble Beach etc) Just this week, the tour is playing a course that has 2 par 4's over 520 yards I think in the next 5 years a 8200+ yard course will be seen. It just seems you could put these pro golfers on a 9000 yard course and they'd go low
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