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  1. Haha. I didn’t mean to sound like Captain Obvious or a jerk. It’s something I worked on at my most recent lesson to help with weight shift/reverse pivoting, and that simple feeling has helped a ton.
  2. Get into your golf stance and look behind you (over your right shoulder if you’re right-handed). That’s the exact feeling you should have during your backswing.
  3. Joined this site so I could post in here. I just ordered this and had my first session last Saturday. Right away, I loved the single club design, way more convenient. By the end of the session I was up 7-8 mph on my swing speed, so we're headed in the right direction! I've got session 2 scheduled for tonight, excited to continue on this journey. Also, big shout out to the OP/owner, Andrew. I initially ordered this through Walmart marketplace, one day before the 50% off Memorial Day sale. I contacted Andrew, through the Walmart site, and told him the extra savings would help a ton.
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