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  1. Received the Hogans yesterday, in beautiful shape! Appreciate the fast shipping as well, I'll be taking them out around the course tomorrow! Thanks again.
  2. Still bagging the 980F 17* in 2021??? My driver is a 915, and I love it, but I haven't tried too many fairways made after the early 2000s, other than the 2017 Steelhead XR, which keeps going in and out of the bag against my old Launcher.
  3. Reviving this thread yet again... I've recently bagged my dad's old Cally War Bird Heavenwood, but the dispersion is a bit wild (RCH R-Flex), and thinking a 980F 19* could fit the rest of my bag better. When and why did you replace it with your 19* Hybrid? I'm either thinking of picking up a 980 19* or the old school Heavenwood in the Memphis 10 steel shaft... great deals to be had on both everywhere!
  4. Great looking MP-25s...! I currently play DG S300s on my MP-60s, but find that I strike them best when I step off the gas a bit swing em easy (comparative to my Driver/3 wood swing).. what iron shafts do you play now and how would you compare them? Or, if anyone else browsing has thoughts? Nice listing, btw, thanks for the nice pics.
  5. I second everyone else’s comments on quality. I just cross-shopped the Vessel Lite (in white, just came back in stock) with the Ping CEL, and the difference in quality and feel was not even close. The rip-stop material on the Ping felt like it would rip very easily. The white synthetic leather on the Vessel feels much more substantial, looks like it will hold up very well to heavy use on the course. Honestly, the bag looks so nice that some dirt/stains/discoloration may just give it that patina/well-worn look. Plus, the straps are so balanced and easy to ad
  6. PM’d about the CB 1008s. (Scotty Studio Design 2.5 trade offer) Both sets are !!
  7. jaehee

    Mizuno MP60

    I also picked up a set of MP60s as well when I returned to the game last season (beginning of the pandemic) after a long hiatus, and absolutely love them. They are not nearly as good a shape as those!! Nice pick up. I was playing Titleist 981s, so I actually reduced the offset, but the look of the MP60s are much more confidence inducing for me. The contrast of the polished and matte finish on the face is so nice, and helps with my alignment—especially compared to my old set. I say, don’t let manufacturers dictate what set you should play or not play based
  8. Awesome! Was just here to let you know that I pulled the trigger on the white version that just came back to stock on the Vessel website. Someone got a great deal!
  9. Interested in the Lite Stand... is this the "updated" version with the 2 full-length dividers? If you don't mind me asking: - reason for selling so soon? - would you be willing to share the original invoice (with any sensitive info deleted) with the buyer for possible warranty claims? Or will Vessel not cover if I buy second hand? (I ask since I've had some unlucky zipper/stand issues that I've gotten off the used market... I'll probably also send them a message to see what they say.) Appreciate your response! Been shopping that bag for the l
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