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  1. U500 2i. Looking for head only unless you have it in a ventus black tx HB shaft, which probably isn't all too common.
  2. just sold TSI, Betti and Ping. I am definitely interested in putter trades tho!
  3. 1. TSI3 9* w/ Ventus Black 6x actually sucks that I have to let this baby go. Tried out the epic speed TD set up with the ventus tx and just liked that one better. Played about 10-12 rounds with it. Minor scratches visible on the head most likely from tee marks and stuff. But overall it is in very good condition. Asking $OLD OBO (headcover not included. Can throw in either epic headcover or bulldog cover) 2. LAB DF2.1 68* 34'' w/ matte black LAGP shaft I pretty much got this putter for the purpose of learning how to putt. Mission accomplished and I just can't get over the look at address
  4. Hey there, any chance you would consider selling the U500 2i as head only for a little less? Obviously you won't have a ton of use for it but I already have a shaft to put in so it's kind've a waste of space. If not thats fine too but I am interested!
  5. Exactly. Definitely was never my intention nor did I ever have the option to send it as an echeck.
  6. Appreciate it guys!
  7. Yup that was me, and right now I am trying to figure out why I can only send e-checks from my bank. My BOA card does not link to paypal and instead I have to link my bank. I have contacted the bank but they weren't very helpful at all. Do you know how i can sort this out?
  8. Haha that is true but there is something about the stiffness that I love.
  9. Hey man, just wanted to let you know I tried with a different paypal and bought something from the wrx forum. Money went straight through. Maybe it has something to do with my paypal being a week old, i'm not completely sure. Once again, I want to clarify that this post was not meant to attack you as I specifically refrained from name dropping because I know you have a good reputation for good reason. If you ever put something else up worth buying then I hope you won't refrain from selling to me. I am new to this forum and am definitely not trying to cause any unwanted trouble/drama. I will so
  10. I gotcha. And I understand now thanks for your help!
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