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  1. Nope. I can make that happen sometime this weekend though if needed.
  2. Driver swing setup routine coming up. I would appreciate if y’all could tell me if I’m on the right course or headed for disaster. 1. Tee the ball up off my lead toe/under my lead arm pit 2. address the ball square with a little forward press, handle points to middle of lead hip 3. here’s where the funny business (for me at least) starts: close my chest and shoulders a few degrees and maintain arm/hand position relative to the body such that the club head drags back about 6” and inside about 1” from the ball 4. This is the bottom of my new swing arc. The new swing “c
  3. My first teacher had the exact some philosophy... his name's not terry is it?
  4. If no one is looking it's a smooth easy tempo swing. If the cart girl is watching it's a John Daly swing for some reason. If it's the first tee or someone letting me play through it's an old Sir Charles swing.
  5. It *looks* like the drill that Milo Lines was showing on a Be Better Golf video yesterday. Maybe not the setup discussion but the rest of the movement and positions do...
  6. Can confirm. Doc told me to go for more walks and now my plantar fasciitis has flared up... Don't recommend it. lol
  7. I think he means spread your trail hand down the grip/shaft, hold it like a hockey stick.
  8. @stingerfade he mentioned in another thread he was 19. Long time lurker, second time poster... this kid is just trolling, right? I'm about 95% sure.
  9. Btw side note, I've recently started working through your efficient swing series. Trying to take it slow spending a day or two focusing on one segment at a time with a mirror or camera... Sorry for skipping ahead on you to this impact position thing... I'll try not to do that anymore
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pretending to have discovered something or had one of those fleeting eureka moments. I realize *no one* plays that way and there has to be good reason(s), I'm just wanting to learn what they are.
  11. What do you mean by locked up? It could keep one from being able to rotate? Venetos' setup and impact position are about the exact opposite of what I was going for, lol. But point taken.
  12. For what reasons should I *not* setup to the ball in the impact position I'm going for rather than a standard address position? I watched a Malaska video a little while back about learning from correct impact position and building your swing backwards. Fast forward to yesterday and I watched a Milo Lines video about how he likes to see the chest more open at impact. So I took that to the range today. I setup in impact position, and just rotate back and through the ball. I started with chips and worked up to full rotation. It *feels* dead simple like you can't screw it up. Add a lit
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