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  1. I have this book too. I like it in its simplicity, but the tip I provide takes it to the next level. It is so simple, no book is needed. Forget about right side or left side, you need both sides. I will say again, take the club back with the lead shoulder, and the top part of the trail arm IN UNISON. That is all you have to think about. Look in a mirror, if you did this right and did not let one side control the other, you will look great at the top.
  2. I have tried them all. Watched hundreds of Youtube videos. Read dozens of books, taken countless lessons. To no avail. I have sucked, yes indeed. Been in the 90s for years and years.Well, I am in the medical profession, and a patient gave me a tip that truly works. It has made a huge difference in my ball striking. Seldom post here, and was reluctant to post this tip until I found it to be valid, and not some fluke. So here it is. Try it, it is amazing in its simplicity, it works.I will assume you have the most basic fundamentals down. Like stance, grip, ball position etc. Now, first and foremost, get everything you have learned out of your skull, I mean everything. Your only thought will be to swing the club back using your lead shoulder and the TOP portion of you trail arm in unison. Now, when I say the top of the trail arm, not the shoulder, but the area well above the forearm. Blank out everything else, just turn using your lead shoulder and the top portion of your train arm in unison. Keep the body quiet. You now have a great backswing, and on plane. Go look in the mirror, you are on the road to a great single plane swing. Now for the downswing, just do the same in reverse. Turn using the top of your trail arm and your lead shoulder. Keep turning though the shot, keep your spine angle intact. You will approach the ball inside out, you should not be over the top. Let the follow through happen naturally, do not force anything.When using this method, try not to get handsy. Do not rush the backswing, do not rush the downswing. Trust this motion. And when I say turning the two parts in unison, I mean unison.I guarantee that for some of you that have been struggling, this will be an amazing epiphany. It sounds so simple. cannot believe it myself. You will no longer be searching and searching and searching and searching, brother does that ever get old. And you will laugh laugh laugh at the thought of ever paying some snake oil salesman hundreds for lessons.Hope it helps, appreciate any comments.God bless and a happy thanksgiving to all
  3. Very excited to hear about this. I never liked the big 460cc heads. For me, so much easier to hit my 3 wood, so easy to find the sweet spot and hit it solid. Can't wait to give this new club a try, probably go w I think the 11 5 and dial it down.
  4. Tour Edge c721 all the way. So impressed with their new offerings.
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