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  1. Had the zx7 for a month. Liked them. IMO a true cb iron and if you miss it you know. I was impressed with the 770. Played two rounds with them. Feel was a little off. i210 hands down. What I’m playing now and love them. Not only forgiving but great appearance.
  2. Chime in …. got the I210 last week. Played yesterday. Wow are these incredible. Absolutely love the profile of them and the feel is awesome. I have zero complaints. Feel better than anything I’ve hit.
  3. I played rivers edge 15 years ago and still remember many of the holes. So much fun and beautiful!
  4. Sold the black p790 without even hitting them. Pre ordered the new 790s.
  5. Literally received my black790 today at my house Thoughts on selling the black 790 or pre ordering the new ones?
  6. Interesting review. Thank you! Contemplating bringing my buddy for his first trip to Bandon. Would you think it’d be better to avoid solstice with a first time Bandon player? just want him to get full experience and not be rushing every shot. But what a cool experience
  7. Wow. That’s slick. Matches my bag perfectly too.
  8. Part of a tournament so that’s why we are playing #1. love the look of mid pines. Looks incredible.
  9. If as in the last couple years it’s usually around November.
  10. Any insight into the cost of the trip?
  11. What was cost of the solstice?
  12. I loved the 5 wood so much I bought a 3 wood 3 years ago. Hasn’t left the bag. Also bought a backup for each.
  13. I play the 07 burners and have tried to switch numerous times with the final result the burners going back in the bag. No reason to switch IMO.
  14. Looking at a set of the p790 in black. Anyone play them and can speak on the durability of the finish?
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