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  1. Evening all, So very curious to the situation with the Callaway ES Triple Diamond. This option arrived on Callaway's website late last week, great timing as I had a driver fitting @ Tour X Golf and this was the head I wanted to try,luckily they had one & after a 2 hour fit this was indeed the best performing head in 8.5. Club ordered & awaiting an arrival date. A few hours after the Fitting Nick reached out to me to say that there is no stock and as it's a tour head they won't be making anymore, fortunately the demo head was pristine so my order will be with the head I tried. Checked Callaway's website today and that option has been removed almost like it was never really there! Anyone else seen this? just interested if the demand was that large the stock went or there simply wasn't many heads available in the first place Happy Golfing
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