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  1. 1. Did you fill out the survey? - Yes 2. How can the ESB1 help your game? - Data analysis 3. Do you currently own a launch monitor? - No
  2. 1. Did you fill out the Rapsodo form? - Yes 2. Where would you use a Rapsodo MLM? - Driving Range 3. How can the MLM help with your game? - Data analysis
  3. Blades! They make you concentrate more. (I am in no way, shape or form saying anyone should or shouldn't use blades. It's your game, it's your money, do whatever you want. It's merely the concentration piece that makes most of us roll our eyes and nope right out.)
  4. I will just never understand the appeal of PXG. I guess there is the price thing, but if I'm bargain hunting there's a dozen other avenues I would explore first. I think Cobra (specifically the drivers and fairway woods) doesn't get enough love. They always seem to go under the radar and I've used several different models over the years and they have all performed brilliantly.
  5. This exactly. In a vacuum, I don't feel a club bend/load. But I can feel a difference in the bending/loading from what I am used to and/or expecting. So I really only feel it in relation to something else. If that makes sense.
  6. KISS - Keep it simple, stupid. This really should apply to all of us, but it holds especially true for beginners. Find something you like the looks/feel of and then get matching. That could be 52/58, 52/56/60, 54/60, whatever. Over time you'll learn what you like, what you don't, etc, and you can mix and match from there. But until you to a point where you are very specific with your wants/needs, there is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Only technical thing you really need to know is that bounce is your friend.
  7. This thread has inspired me. I'm going to go pick a fight with Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu on poker theory. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. I actually have mine cranked down to 12.5 because, like I said, it is definitely more of a tee club for me. Personally, I think it's fine off the deck, even at the lower loft. I just don't need it very often. Maybe not the easiest fairway I've ever hit from turf, but certainly not the toughest either. That said, your mileage may vary, especially at 170cc or whatever it is. Not everyone is comfortable at that size and loft.
  9. Putter Honorable mention to the driver
  10. 2019-2020? It was the model prior to the RadSpeed. Pretty sure most retailers still have some leftover stock, but shaft options will likely be limited.
  11. Cobra SpeedZone Big 3. Straight up BOMBER. Best 3 wood I've had, possibly ever. Don't see any reason why the NV Green wouldn't work in it. Full disclosure, I don't use it off the deck often as I just don't really have a need to. But off the tee it literally chases down my driver.
  12. PXG is just a hard pass for me, and likely always will be. I also just don't get along with Callaway. It's not an auto-no like PXG, but there's just something about the looks/feel/something that it just doesn't work for me.
  13. Haven't used a grip other than Tour Velvet in over 20 years
  14. I'm probably hitting the trees left But to more appropriately answer the question, it honestly depends on how the round is going and how I'm swinging. Could be anything from driver down to 5 iron.
  15. Thanks all so far. He's not as particular as he once was. 20 years ago it was Titleist or nothing. Went from Tour Model blades to DCI Oversize+ to DCI 981. But his current set are some 10ish year old Adams with a fairly sizable topline, so I don't think that will be a deal breaker. Honestly, I couldn't even tell you the model or what shafts are in them. They are graphite but from the very few times I hit them I'm guessing somewhere in the 100-110g range and I personally think he'd be better suited lighter, softer or even both. When he told me he was looking, my very first thought was the G series with some Recoils knowing how much love they both get here. With me being a Titleist guy T300 were also on my list. Hadn't considered the other recs so this is exactly what I was hoping for out of this thread. Ultimately I'm just looking to throw some viable options at him and let him take it from there. After all, I'm still just his [email protected]$$ son so he's not going to trust me with the decision.
  16. A little background ... My dad is 66, but if I'm being totally honest, he's a rough 66. He missed this entire season due to a variety of health issues. He seems to be close to coming out the other side, looking like just one hip surgery left to go this off-season and he should have enough rehab time to be ready for next year. Even before the multitude of issues he had this year, it's been catching up with him slowly but surely over time. Back in the day, the old man was a stick. Scratch for most of my childhood, fairly big money matches, multiple club championships, etc. But his game has been in decline for quite a while now. Over time he's transitioned from blades to GI, long (and mid) irons to hybrids, 7 and 9 woods, steel to graphite, all of it. But now, we need to go even further. I've convinced him that we need to get him some clubs that (A) he can easily play and enjoy and (B) that will not put unnecessary strain on his body. And here's where you boys come in. Looking for recommendations on hybrids, irons and wedges, but my problem is I'm not very knowledgeable on what's out there to fit his needs. If he was looking for blades or player's cavities, thin top lines, minimal offsets, heavy steel shafts, then ok, that's my wheelhouse. But that couldn't be farther than what we're looking for. Definitely looking in the GI category, forgiving, easy to launch, long (totally ok with vanity lofts in this case), lightweight shafts (maybe vibration dampening?), etc. Great thing about this beautiful game is anyone at any level can enjoy it, and he does. Even with his diminished skills, he still gets amped for every single round he plays. It killed him that he couldn't play this year and he is already counting down the days to next opening day. I'm just trying to help make however many rounds he has left enjoyable. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Cost likely not an issue. Please don't suggest he just go get fitted, he ain't gonna go for it. Thanks to all in advance.
  17. Gonna be a long winter if it's only October and a topic as utterly arbitrary as this is already up and running ...
  18. I think being here gives us a very skewed view of the real world. We are the 1%. Go to any course and you will see the overwhelming majority of golfers are not playing the latest and greatest. You might see a new driver here or there and maybe some shiny new irons or wedges sometimes, but they really are few and far between. Go find the best players at your club. The former club champs, the really gifted juniors, heck, even just the has-been weekend warrior who still occasionally finds that glorious 68 somewhere out there. My guess is they are not bagging a SIM2 or the brand new Titleist T-series. Even though I LOVE equipment and tech, I personally am in the extreme minority on WRX in regards to actually replacing clubs. I overhauled my entire bag within the last 18 months (sans driver) but before that my fairway and hybrid were from 2011 and irons from 2012. Bag before that was irons from 1999 and driver from 2001. The only thing that really gets replaced with any kind of regularity is wedges every 5 years or so. I literally beat my clubs into submission. They are tools, nothing more, nothing less. Do you replace your drill every time DeWalt comes out with a new model that puts out 200 more RPM or 5 ft-lbs of torque? Probably not. This might get me banned, but I truly believe that constant equipment changes hurt more than they help most golfers.
  19. Feel like this is fairly cut and dry, to be honest. Nothing on the line, then who cares what someone else does? If some guy wants to feel better about his 106 by calling it a 92, it literally doesn't affect me one bit. I'll roll my eyes or maybe needle him a little bit, but nothing more serious than that. If it's a money match or some kind of legit competition, rules announced/known upfront and penalties will be called. There are plenty of subtle/nonconfrontational ways to bring this up as well. "Reminder guys, we're playing down today." "ProV1 with 4 dots around the numbers, what are you playing?" "You might want to hit a provo here, not sure we're finding that one."
  20. Tons of fakes out there and they are getting better and better at looking legit. I'll never buy anything that isn't from an authorized distributer. When something looks too good to be true it usually is.
  21. Agree with all above on wedges. Once loft/bounce/grind is dialed in most people will see results seemingly overnight. As for putters ... I'm in the camp where it is much more an art than a science and you either got it or you don't. Can a fitting help? Maybe. Will lessons help? Probably. Will practice help? Definitely. Is it possible to find that one magic flatstick that will make all your problems go away? I guess in theory. But I truly don't believe most people are poor putters because they can't start it on line. I think the overwhelming majority of us are just bad at reading greens, both break and speed (and most of us will never acknowledge that either). The difference between a made putt and a lipout is so damn miniscule. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure how to go about fixing that. If I knew I wouldn't average 32 putts a round.
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