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  1. Monte, do you have any thoughts on arms down + motorcycle move? I *think* "arms down" actually makes me ulnar deviate too (as a byproduct of feeling my trail arm unbend), so the end result is still ulnar+flexion of the lead wrist, but I am wondering if this should be just a wrist move and not a wrist+arms move. On a similar note, is it a good idea to actively try to stay in left tilt while I shift my weight to my lead ankle (a la Zipper away feel, for example), or should this just be a reaction to the (good) "cast"? Action or reaction?
  2. Thanks for the replies fellas! A lot of useful stuff here... So it sounds like steepener+shallower+motorcycle is indeed a good combination. Slightly related question: is the feel of "dropping the arms behind" more/less effective than "right elbow to the belly button" as a shallowing move? I know the answer is "to each their own" and that both have the potential to work, but I am curious if there is some consensus on what is more reliable.
  3. I recently read Tyler Ferrell's Stock Tour Swing, which completely changed the way I look at the golf swing. I was particularly fascinated by the emphasis on steepening vs shallowing moves, and the important of finding a balance between these. In this same book, he talks about the Motorcycle Move (flex/bow the lead wrist), and how this shuts the clubface, which is an important move in order to get shaft lean (since the latter opens the club face). So, my question is as follows: is the motorcycle move also a shallowing move, or does it exclusively shut the club face (without shallo
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