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  1. I'm thinking of Bellevue (possibly with a car) and am in the same boat of Young Exec membership levels. The $3k + $500/month is too steep for me, was hoping to find some things similar to Echo Falls or Harbour Pointe in the ~200/month range of even some more, even if I have to drive a bit (if I have a car). Any recommendations East side near Bellevue/Redmond or just north/south of there that would be reasonable to get to?
  2. Yeah I mean I know places like Harbour Pointe and Echo Falls offer monthly rates of $150-$200 for unlimited golf and unlimited (or a ton) of range practice balls. But those are further out of the city & Bellevue so a little out of my range.
  3. Also looking around Bellevue area if that helps, as I know there's a decent number of courses around Eastside.
  4. I guess I'm more looking for a decent 18 hole semi-private course that offers a membership option for unlimited rounds and practice. Preferably in Seattle proper or right near Bellevue/Redmond since I may not have a car and have to take public transpo.
  5. I'm a young mid-handicapper looking for some course recommendations in Seattle/Bellevue WA area. I'm looking for a course that could offer unlimited golf (or something close where I can just casually go out for a 9-holer on a weekday and full rounds on weekends kind of deal) with unlimited practice on driving range and decent putting/chipping/bunker area. Also open to inexpensive private club that offers similar perks, but again I'm a young professional so prefer to keep it inexpensive. I don't care much about the clubhouse or any other amenities other than golf and practice area and all for a muni type track. Mainly focused on accessibility from Seattle or Bellevue (public transportation preferably) and availability to play and practice whenever. Appreciate any suggestions!
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