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  1. In a sense you’re right. No one gets Tommy John and gets better due to the surgery. If there is better performance post surgery, it is 100 percent due to the rehab and modified throwing mechanics needed to maintain and strengthen the arm. I had Tommy John and came back throwing harder. I was also in PT for 3+ hours a day for 12 months and changed my complete throwing motion. Obviously every case is different, but in my athletic career I’ve seen some of the top surgeons who have been mentioned above. Not once did I ever receive a sales pitch on the surgery. Through my multiple surgeries it was pretty black and white. Top surgeons usually tell you how it is and let you decide. In Tiger’s case he was the best player in the world when he was contemplating surgery. Resting and rehabilitating without surgery carriers more risk in most cases. By not having surgery and sitting out of events, he still runs the risk to not heal and then be in a situation where he would still need the surgery. This wasted time would have led to even more downtime in his career. With Tiger choosing to have surgeries he took the safer approach to getting back to winning tournaments and sponsorship money.
  2. Speaking my language, pretty much what I did to my knees in my baseball career. Both went bad, dominant knee was taking more of the force and boom that one goes first.
  3. Sim 9* with a Speeder 757 tipped 1”. Sim2 Max 15* Ventus Black 7x Just ordered a new (but old) Cobra King LTD Pro. Looking to play at 7.5* with an LAGP Tour AXS Blue 65X. The head showed up but the shaft has been stuck in the local FedEx warehouse for the last week…
  4. Made a similar switch to the from Pro V1 to Tour B X and really enjoy the feel of the Bridgestone.
  5. doc52

    LAGP TPZ shaft

    My Fitter told me they originally were aiming for a January release. Most likely will be pushed back. Should still be released in 2022.
  6. Bryson went from mid 140s for putting strokes gained to low 20s in the span of 2 years, I think his "over-thinking" is working well.
  7. Life's too short to use cheap balls.
  8. He is not the first to come to this conclusion...
  9. Have these in the older colorway. Decent, but the zippers can be annoying at times.
  10. No idea, photo taken from SIK’s social media.
  11. New Cobra one lengths with LAGP Texas Rebar shafts.
  12. That's awesome, can't wait to hear your feedback.
  13. My fitter stated its the same tech, 2021 is a tad slimmer which might help with the lower spin/flight mentioned above.
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