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  1. Can anybody tell me any information they know about box blades? Production? Which shafts came standard? Anything at all? Need to know more and any information would help!
  2. I’m gaming Titleist 841 irons (1984) and a bullseye putter, the only other irons I’m looking to purchase and put in the bag that would be considered newer are Titleist box blades which came out in 87’. I have a newer ping driver and hybrid but everything else in the bag is a classic. They just don’t make forged blades like they used to. By the way if anyone knows where I could find a set of box blades? that would be much appreciated.
  3. Just was looking through my collection of clubs today and wanted to ask everyone what their favorite Titleist set was from back in the day?
  4. JDLA, Ive been doing some research and saw you had a thread some years back about selling a set of Titleist Box Blades, been looking for quite some time now to find a set and have had no luck. Any chance you might still have that set? Or know of anywhere or anyone I may be able to buy a set from? Your help would be much appreciated.
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