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  1. Hi Everyone, Would love help here if anyone has any ideas. My father has a major milestone birthday coming up and he's always wanted to figure out some kind of golf club carrier for the back luggage rack of his 1930's convertible. He's been talking about this for years. Would love to surprise him, but don't have any ideas on where to start?
  2. EXACTLY THIS! There is what happens in the lessons...Then there is how you practice the "lesson"... I took a series of lessons from a highly respected instructor and was told to practice a drill in an exaggerated way to correct an issue. I exaggerated and practiced a lot. Turns out...I REALLY exaggerated. That series of lessons derailed me for 9 months. I kept getting worse and kept telling the instructor I was getting worse, but thought it was the kind of thing where I needed to get worse to get better. In reality, I just got worse. Th
  3. Looking to work with a coach consistently to address a few pesky issues, which I suspect might be more like foundational issues. Would really value any thoughts on finding the right teacher, and how you know you are working with the right teacher... I learned the game as a young child and didn't really take lessons or work with a coach consistently. As a result, I don't have a "textbook" golf swing or a super technical understanding of the swing. When I've taken lessons as an adult it has either been confusing, since I didn't learn the game thinking about club positions and wris
  4. If she has truly never played, spend on lessons not equipment. She'll hopefully learn the right way once (much more economical in the long run!) The person leading that lesson will be a great equipment resource. There are tons of easily accessible clinic/lessons series for women right now. A boxed set will probably be easiest. The used route will be more legwork. There isn't much women's golf equipment out there to begin with. Women don't change equipment much, so there is less used equipment floating around. I've helped girlfriends taking up or coming back to the game, and
  5. Hi, I've been thinking about this and wanted to ask everyone.... My fiancé and I are relocating from NYC, which means more accessible golf and are in the process of joining a private club. There are several great options in our area that fit our preferences around culture/traditions of the game, course design/conditions and proximity/accessibility. We both have single digit handicaps, played competitively as juniors/college and would both want to play in leagues, club events, etc. Looking at our shortlist, our favorite clubs have all men's events primarily on weeken
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