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  1. The only way it would do anything for you is if you put a graphite shaft in it for increased swing speed. 20° 4 iron is basically a piss missile already.
  2. You can make an ISO post on the classifieds here. Someone might have one laying around that they're not using.
  3. The look and sound of the TSi2 were very off to me as well when I test hit it. I think it's just a function of the driver.
  4. Haha I was thinking the same thing, but I decided to look it up. I guess day trips from Aruba to Curacao are a thing. Not for golf, but people do it.
  5. Bought a single HMB 2 iron and stuck a graphite shaft in it. Certified missile off the tee every time and feels great. Can be hit from the fairway, but it will stay low and roll out with no stopping power - which is exactly what you want from a driving iron.
  6. Yeah I'm hoping that aluminum reinforcement behind the face eliminates the hot spot. These forged thin faces on every brand's hollow body irons seem to trampoline the ball in one "sweet" spot.
  7. These are looking more and more like an i500 and Blueprint hybrid. Market is hot hollow body “blades” I guess.
  8. Oh ok. Was planning on getting out there multiple days and bringing my own clubs. Sounds like I'll only want to play once or twice from your description.
  9. If it's in the budget, can't hurt to have both and play whatever the course and conditions require. I have a driving iron (2i Mizuno HMB w/ AD DI shaft), a 3 iron, and a 5 wood. Then I go straight to 5-PW. Only two of the 5w, 2i, and 3i are in the bag on a given day depending on the shots I'll need.
  10. I've heard to expect some serious wind. Will definitely have the 2 iron in the bag down there. Hopefully I can get off early during the week days.
  11. Yeah those iBlades are surprisingly forgiving. They're just a little too spinny for me, but thinking about trying to match them up with a lower spinning shaft.
  12. Been gaming the blueprints 4-W for a while now. Really want to see these in person. If they're a little more forgiving that the blueprints, probably going to switch to 3i iBlade and 5-W in these i59s.
  13. Mizuno HMB 2 iron is the best driving iron I've ever hit. Have it in the bag at all times. Guaranteed 250+ off the tee down the middle, and it can hit from frim fairways. Won't get too high in the air for any stopping power, but is great when you're just trying to move the ball 250 yards straight.
  14. PW @ 45, 50, 55, 60. Usually my lie dictates which wedge I'll use as all four have a different grind.
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