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  1. The original 681s had a constant offset throughout the set. As someone very sensitive to offset, I'd love the 3-5 iron 681 and 6-PW 620. https://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/irons/2001-681-forged-blade-irons
  2. Yeah the MCT-97 Australian Blades were something special.
  3. I did something similar when I realized I was very uncomfortable inside 125 yards. Got a little bit of help by switching up my wedge lofts, but the biggest help was picking one wedge and really dialing that one in. For me it's my 56°, and I practice 110, 100, 90, 75, 50, and 35 yard shots any time I'm at the range. Use my 50° for 130 - 115, PW for 135-145, etc. The issue at the top of the bag was honestly the more difficult problem because I like have a long iron off the tee on tight fairways, but that means I only get one club between driver and 3 iron. Finally just tossed aside the 3 wood and adjusted my 5 wood down to basically a 4 wood. D, 4w, 3i-PW, 50, 56, 60, putter. Been playing the best golf of my life with this setup.
  4. The first two numbers are the year and the third is it's place in the lineup e.g. 221 = '22 and first or most players club.
  5. I'm a blade whore. Have about 11 sets. My gamers are the Blueprints - have them MOI matched now and am shooting the lowest scores of my life. That being said, the softest blades I own are the Mizuno MP 69s. They are buttery smooth even on slight mishits, and there is no feeling more pure than a center of the face Mizuno 3 iron strike.
  6. I was in a very similar place as you a couple months ago. No putting drill or green reading technique could help me hole more birdie putts or three putt less. Finally decided to try a putter fitting as the rest of my bag was fitted and I saw an immediate improvement the second those fitted clubs were in the bag. I wanted forgiveness, stability, and a sightline to help me start the ball on the right line. I found that with the Ping Sigma 2 Tyne. Now while I was starting the ball on a good line, my distance control was still putrid. Eventually I did some reading and found out that if you're putting on quicker greens, a heavier putter will aid distance control as your stroke won't be as quick. So I added about 10 grams of lead tape to the bottom of my putter, and there was improvement. Added a few more, and even more improvement. Eventually I settled in at around 15 grams added to the bottom of the tynes, and now I'm rolling them better than ever. This is obviously a n=1 example and won't work for everyone, but your story sounded so similar to mine I thought I'd share.
  7. Seeing the top line on the T100 compared to the other two is making my choice for those almost by itself.
  8. Lot of people recommend this brand. Might be time to finally see what all the hype is about.
  9. I've seen this method before, but I have a pretty big concern with it that you kind of pointed out. When my club is behind the ball at address, I feel the need to compensate my setup to get the club sitting flush to the ground. Should I just ignore the ground and take what feels like a natural swing with this method?
  10. I messed around with a flatter lie and and it was very strange. My draw became more pronounced. Like I would feel the need to get the clubhead further away from me in the downswing due to the flatter lie, which just caused a more in to out path. It's on me - I know that. Just one of those things that didn't work for me.
  11. I believe billy Horschel has been doing something similar lately. He switches between his Blueprints and some Titleist MBs that have been lead taped and marked with the new club number.
  12. Yeah I know it's not a big difference, and at the end of the day a proper fit will give best results on all dispersion/distance/trajectories. But just going off the traditional numbers - a high swing speed player will generally (though not always) see tighter dispersion numbers with heavier/stiffer shafts. And considering the DG120s are mostly just a lighter version of the standard dynamic golds, I am curious to see what would happen if I used let's say the S400s in a lighter iron head. Similar flex profile and transition, and would end up with similar swing weights to what I'm used to.
  13. Plan is to adjust lies and lofts accordingly. But oddly enough the 588 MBs have the same lie on the 9i and PW which would get me off to a good start without adjusting.
  14. If you read my post, I have the 2i through 9i. I would like this to play as a 3i through pw. Thus weakening the 43° 9i to 45°.
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