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  1. So close to buying these. But don’t need a 185 yard flyer 7 iron. Feel was great. Dispersion great. Just the distance was explosive at times. for those who felt the 790’s were too jumpy, what did you end up with?
  2. I was all set on getting these but started thinking about them more. I was hitting the 7 iron 172-177 then randomly have one that would go 184ish. That’s a pretty big discrepancy.
  3. For sale, prices include shipping. Iomic Grips-$60 SOLD 3 midsize-1 navy, other 2 gray. SOLD 2 standard blue IXx SOLD 1 sticky 2.3 white SOLD great way to test these grips before diving into a full set SWAG red, white and blue mallet putter cover-$85 SOLD Callaway MD5 58.10 wedge. Standard shaft but does have a white Iomic sticky 2.3 standard grip. -$95
  4. I actually have a ZX 20* 3 iron that I love. I don’t carry a 3 wood. I play a weird course. A lot of holes the 3 iron works awesome. Just looking almost for a backup driver if that makes sense. My 5 wood sometimes goes rounds without use. Where as the utility is used off the tee 2-4x per round. Looking for something between. Honestly I should just keep as is and stop being greedy trying to iron out 10-20 yards etc. what shaft you have in your zx? I had the recoil but felt it was too high. Subbed in a MMT utility and hate it. Going back to Recoil lol
  5. I have a Ping 425Max 5 wood that I do like. It’s just the face is a little too shallow/elongated for tee shots. No issues off the turf but really want the club to be for tee duty. Courses here are short and not much need off the deck unless a duff on a par 5 tee shot. any models come to mind?
  6. I was actually fitted into the C Taper 105 in a set of TM P790’s. As it turns out that shaft is an TM OEM that isn’t available. In fact I can’t even get KBS to respond as to what they have that may be “close”. the nearest srixon dealer is about 3 hours away. guess I could try the modus 105x first and then DG105 if I don’t like. I just don’t play enough anymore to enjoy and hit 125gram dynamic golds x100 regularly. For me that takes a focused shot. just more into casual play vs rigid competition at the moment.
  7. Was fitted into a KBS C Taper 105 Stiff which is a Taylor Made OEM shaft not available. second options was the DG105 X100. im guessing the c taper lite is the closet shaft comparable to the c taper 105’s. how do the c taper lites compare to the DG105? driver swing speed is 108-112 7 iron SS with the DG105 is 92-96 playing +.50 longer shaft thanks
  8. I hit the Modus in some Mizunos and wasn’t overly impressed by the shaft. anyone customer order a set and moved away from the Modus options? Current: TTDG X100 Fitted: TTDG105 X100 KBS C taper lite S
  9. Doesn’t look to be many custom options on the website. Are you all calling to order?
  10. I don’t think I answered your question well… the plus 4 basically simulates an extra 4 layers of tape on the right hand portion of the grip. A midsize is going to have a thicker left hand section but still have the taper.
  11. The plus 4 is going to have little to no taper. The portion of the grip where you right hand goes, is going to be/feel the same thickness as your left. Think of little to no taper. It’s going to feel larger at first. A midsize grip, non plus 4, is still going to have taper but the left portion of the grip will be bigger. To exaggerate think of a slim straw compared to a bulky pen. For me, a standard is too small but a midsize feels too big. So I use a standard grip with two layers of tape.
  12. The Mizunos are a great club. But feel muted to me. It’s a good feel but not an explosive feel if that makes sense. Definitely player/person specific.
  13. I have a Srixon ZX utility. It came with a recoil 95 which is about 20 grams more than my fairway and 25 grams less than my irons. I subbed it out for a 113ish gram shaft. I don’t like it. It’s too heavy for what I want the club to be used for. With it being say 10 grams less than my irons I might as well should’ve used a steel shaft that’s in my irons. So after my rant, it’s all about feel. I want the 3 utility to be primarily a tee club 80% of the time and should have kept the lower weighted shaft. Not sure what I want to do yet. If you’re using the club from the tee on short par 4’s go lower weight. From the fairway maybe try and get close to irons.
  14. I actually hit the DG105 X100 surprisingly well the other day.
  15. Why is this sh*t so hard lol I too felt like the P790’s were the easiest to hit of any club. I cranked one in the middle and legit thought I missed the ball. Like a basketball going throw the hoop but not feeling any net. I do worry that the 790’s are to hot. I know that sounds crazy. But I went from a 168 yard 7 iron (2008 circa AP2’s) to some around 185-188 with P790. More to do with going from a 125gram X100 to a 105 gram X100 too. well sounds like I’m making a three hour trip lol or just buy both sets
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