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  1. I have noticed “plus 2 wraps” on a z cord is a tad fatter than standard. Maybe 1/64. where plus 2 on a tour velvet is closer to 1/32 thicker.
  2. No first hand experience but I picked up a ping Moonlite from a member here. I can play 3-5 holes on an extended lunch during the week with 8 clubs or so.
  3. For some reason my eyes gravitate towards the more grooves.
  4. My Srixon Zx5 4 and 5 iron came in to complete my combo. Zx5 4-5 zx7 6-Aw
  5. Currently playing the Ping CB Slate in an X. Had a diamana blue board in my old Titleist. lookong at trying out another diamana or a graphite design. Heard the ping head is heavy and to stick with counter balanced shafts?
  6. I guess I like misery. My hands show it too. Just like the chord feel. Honestly I thought the MCC’s are a bit tougher than the Z cords I have now.
  7. Just goes to show different strokes for different folks. I didn’t like any Mizunos. I also hit the T200’s a tad high. They were a tad clicky but that doesn’t bother me. im not much on feel. More based on results. I joke with people that I play a ping 425 driver that sounds like a trash can full of Busch lights when you hit it. But the results don’t lie! currently in zx 5 for the 4 and 5 iron. Zx7 in 6-Aw.
  8. Not trying to hijack….I’m interested too. Any idea when FJ will release 2022 models?
  9. ZX7 in 6-AW. My ZX5 4-5 should be in tomorrow. Also waiting on a 54 ZipCore.
  10. Disappointed! Just ordered a combo set. But as soon I read your post I was like “it has to be the groove on the back”. I cleaned my zx5 iron and was like damn I can’t get this water dry or even a towel in that area. Maybe buy some cue tips. But I’d call srixon for sure.
  11. Thanks for that thought. I’m comparing them to some Tour Velvet 360’s that I know are +2.
  12. I ordered a set of irons, 8 in total, direct from the manufacturer. Through their website, you could specify grip choice and wraps if applicable. All in a drop down menu scenario. So what I requested wasn’t out of line. I pad an extra $11/club for a grip I wanted. Standard size plus 2 wraps. they came standard. No wrap. Verifying with a golf works grip size tool. Part of me is like who cares, and take them somewhere to be done right. Then again, that’s almost $100 bones I paid for in up charges and now the grips are useless. Plus the cost of grips myself to purchase again.
  13. Srixon Zx7, 6-Aw RH. +1 upright, 1/2” long, Modus 105 X. ordered 11/4. Delivered today 11/14.
  14. SOLD Srixon ZX5 RH 5 Iron. Standard loft, length, +1 upright. Modus Tour 130 Stiff shaft. Tour velvet 360 grip standard. Bought brand new unwrapped from member here to test turf interaction on grass before going head first into driving 3 hours to the nearest srixon fitter. Used maybe for 120 balls only if that on the range. Good test club or for someone looking to blend ZX5’s in the long irons. $75 TYD
  15. SOLD Installed and pulled by Peoples Golf. Just didn’t like the shaft in my driving iron. Golf Pride MCC +4 Grip Played 39.5 in a Srixon Zx Utility 3 iron. $65 TYD
  16. Man I remember when non set wedges were around $100-$120 lol. Splurged for a custom ZipCore. Tour Raw with satin finish and S grind for better bunker play and more versatility.
  17. 5 wood turned down to 16.5* for me…..
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