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  1. Sorry, folks....I was only asking about the driver.
  2. I've played the TS2 since it came out. Is there ANYTHING to be gained by switching over to the TSi2?
  3. Thanks for the advice! I think I'm gonna pass on the ST-G. Any thoughts about the X and the Z?
  4. I saw it yesterday. Face really didn't look that deep to me. TS1-3 deep maybe, but not M1 440 deep. I'm 71 and 225 off the tee. If I move both weights to the back and set the adaptor at the 10.25, 0.5* closed position can I handle this thing with a Diamana Red 50?
  5. From what I'm seeing on TV news, there are probably thousands of them sitting on a container ship somewhere outside the port of LA!
  6. OK, we're 8 days into October. When can I view / test this? Just to be clear: the ONLY stamped loft available will be 9* and any higher / lower adjustments are up to you?
  7. This was probably covered already, but anyone loving this driver? I can't visit my PGASS without picking one off the rack and thinking how nicely this head fits my eye.
  8. Beautiful looking head. Any idea of an approximate release date?
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