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  1. I use the standard edel round grip and love it. With so much talk about grip alignment being off I figured I’d give it a shot and take the alignment right out of the picture.
  2. You can drain putts with a putter picked up at garage sale if you comfortable with it. Where it gets expensive is when you get an idea what you like and what feels right to you. I had a set of Nicklaus irons and a putter that worked great. Once I started tinkering, I custom ordered a 40” putter, that is very light because I like a putter on the lighter side so I can be more aggressive. And added in a weight kit. You can go as for down the rabbit hole that you’d like with it, but am anser putter from ping is quality to begin with. Matter of fact anything from ping is quality.
  3. I’ve got my i210’s on the way and I never knew ping did this. I really like that leading edge grind. Something to think about in the future. No I haven’t tried any of it though.
  4. I’ve never played a mizuno iron, but I have a t7 wedge from previous years past. And all I can say is wow, I understand what the owners mean about mizuno. I can hammer that 56 degree and it still feel like I’m hitting a marshmallow lol. Feels light years better than my vokey’s. Without question going to order the new line of mizuno wedges. If I didn’t fall in love with the i210’s, without question I’d be hitting a mizuno. Congrats on your new sticks, real sick looking. Enjoy them.
  5. Just sip on a coffee. Can’t remember the last time I worked 40 hours, usually 60 and up. So I like to rent a cart, enjoy the ride, and sip on a coffee while playing.
  6. Evnroll er11. Or going back a little bit, I used to play an odyssey dfx 2 ball blade with a plumbers neck. Really soft feel and automatic from 4 ft.
  7. Yea I placed a custom order on i210’s with recoils and dri tac grips on 6/5. It should be shipping out 8/17-8/18
  8. Another vote for Carl’s. I do all my ordering from them and being able to customize my equipment to my spec is very convenient. I used to order from tgw all the time, but found out after buying irons, countless wedges and putters, carry bags, stand bags, found out I was put on some sort of scam list or something like that. Went to Carl’s and never looked back. Customer service is top notch, can’t say enough good about them. Will definitely be a lifer as long as Carl’s is around.
  9. My cobra ssi irons with aldila graphite. Effortless power, and when you flushed those, they felt unbelievably soft.
  10. Definitely agree, they are very different putters for very different strokes. I just got back to the game after a 4 year hiatus from messing my back up. So I’ve been tinkering with gear as to what fits me best. I putted with scotty’s for years before taking the break and I just feel I’m at a point in my life where I want some forgiveness in my putter. I’m not bashing scotty’s in any way. But if you hit a bad putt, you know right away with his design. I’m rebuilding my bag for forgiveness this trip and rolled the dice on an eas. Really dug the look of it, love the double bend shaft, the face design, and being a machinist, I love tinkering so I grabbed the weight kit with it. But I honestly love the 5 gram weight and light weight feel of the eas. I can be more aggressive in my stroke with forgiveness, which really appeals to me.
  11. Wow, really nice stick. How does that putter feel?
  12. Original M1 and G25 3 wood. Still under plastic. I set my golf bag up and had some back issues for the past couple of years. So I took 4 years off. Retooled my swing and lengthened my equipment to stand much farther upright. Can’t wait to actually play the woods I’ve been looking at for a while.
  13. That’s a good question. I’ve got the original M1 and it came with a t handle. For the price they charge, they should definitely be coming with a tool to adjust.
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