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  1. So far the Ventus Black 6X has worked the best for me. Playing mine at 45.25 with a couple strips of lead tape on the sole, out on the toe to help promote more of a fade and take away my hook issue I sometimes have. Stable head with a stable shaft!
  2. Im 46/50/54/58 on most days. Only time I throw in a 60 is just for the heck of it and I wanna use my MG2 TW grind 60. I've honestly never had a shot where I thought a 60 would have been able to do more than my 58. I use my 58 for all greenside bunker shots and I will like when I open it up, I dont come up short as often as when I used a 60 from the bunker. And yes, I know most wont use their 60 in the bunker since they may be carrying a 56 for that, but I love my 54 and prefer a tighter "full swing" number and have no issues getting it to stop around the green versus a 56. Plus having a 58, I can use it more square face if I need more loft than a 54. In summary...58 I think it more versatile and we aren't playing on PGA tour speed greens.
  3. Any update on the Mini with any of the Ventus shafts? Thinking of putting a black in mine at stock playing length.
  4. Couldn’t agree more. Mine has literally trickled down my bag from Driver…then 3 wood (have black, blue and red and need to sell one), then 5 wood in blue and now a Blue 9X in my 2 iron. Lol.
  5. It’s somewhat course dependent for me but I have a Ventus Black 7X that just arrived that I’m going to put into my Taylormade Mini 11.5. If it’s a course less than 6800ish, I honestly don’t need a 3 wood. Pretty decent drives on par 5s leave me usually less than 3 wood distance so I’d rather have another tee option (especially in the colder months) and go straight to 5 wood.
  6. Much appreciate. Tons of great information you gave!
  7. I appreciate all the comments and advice on other courses in those areas. I would love to continue to hear more. I have a bad habit or bringing extra clubs on golf trips and switching up my bag too often...so I never get into a groove with one set. I'm trying to learn from that like most have said about bringing what you are used to and being creative from there. Comments on the type of sand on all those bunkers over there? High bounce on a high lofted is what is sounds like...(our group of guys are pretty competitive and I wanna tell them the opposite of everything I learn on here)
  8. So I just paid my deposit for a long awaited 7 day golf trip to Scotland in June 2023. Yes...I know it is a ways off but I was wanting some feedback from people who have played/live across the pond. Any advice on bag setup would be great. I know the turf, weather conditions, and types of shots are different that what I play on the east coast of the US. Here are some examples of questions that have came across my mind. These might help guide you on some answers and dialogue. Would you have changed anything with your wedge setup? Change the bounce? Use 3 wedges instead of 4 and add an extra long iron/club? What wedge loft really doesnt help on true links? What were the most important clubs in the bag to work on? What type of ball (characteristics) did you use and would you have changed to lower/higher spinning? As a typical GolfWRXer, I have too many options to choose from with my driving irons, wedges, adjustable woods and shaft options. My wedge setup right now is 46, 50, 54 and 58/60. I hope to hear your experiences and also learn from your mistakes! lol The courses on the itinerary are Muirfield, Carnoustie, Old and New Course and going to find a gem on an off day. Thanks!
  9. Fade all day with a driver. Want to avoid the hook and will be working on setting up my driver to eliminate the left side. So far I’m thinking my SIM2 10.5 turned wide up to 8.5 with my Ventus Black 6X. I want to be able to go after it and not worry about going left. If I need a draw off the tee, pull out the 3W…
  10. 1. City, State? Fuquay Varina, North Carolina 2. Handicap? 9 3. What is your current putter? Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 or X 6STR 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? No 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? The Scotty 6STR is the only center shafted putter I’ve used. Im more of a straight back-straight through putter and I’d love to compare that to the size, feel and sound of another top tier brand. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely!
  11. Did you tip your black 6x and/or red 9x or just go straight in?
  12. I have the 3 wood with Ventus Blue 7X and 5 wood with Black 7X and I find the center of the face more than I ever have with those shafts. I don’t feel like I have to swing hard. Give me a nice straight ball flight and I don’t have to worry as much about the left side like I used to. Same with my Black 6X in my driver.
  13. City, State? Milton, WV 1. Handicap? 9 2. Current hybrid? SIM2 Rescue 19* 3. What is important to you in a hybrid? Adjustability and control anti-left/fade bias. Compact design and sits flat. I want to be able to hit it off the tee and from the rough. Not much offset. 4. Why do you want to review the Cobra KING Tec Hybrid? I like the fact you can adjust the weights to help control ball flight. The all black finish looks amazing and the custom shafts available. 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely!
  14. I can’t believe that man. TM customer service said stock is supposed to be 4 grams. Mine is technically 3.7. I think if you threw a heavier one of those in from Billy bobs, you would like it. Help balance out the back weight and should keep dynamic loft lower at impact. I actually got lucky and typed in a questions on a live TXG Q&A and specially asked that question. That was their response. I’ll try and look back and see which one it was and let you know. My questions was one of the first ones that day.
  15. A lot of the courses I play have thicker/uneven rough around the greens and the greens themselves are not overly fast. So my 58 on those course works great because I don’t need a ton of loft to get rhe ball to stop and I can open the club up a little and worry (less) about going too far under like a 60. I also use my 58 for most green side bunker shots. When I play at the beach or on really nice course I’ll use the 60. I love the grind on it and can stop the ball on faster greens. I don’t really have a science to it…it’s more what I currently feel comfortable with. If I only used a 58 for the rest of my life, I truly feel like it’s enough loft anywhere if you feel comfortable opening it a little even on tight lies.
  16. I play my driver shorter so needed to add some head weight. I replaced the round TPS weight (3.7g) with BillyBobs 10g. Not sure if it lowered spin and flight because I really didn’t play it before. Ordered them and replaced them for SW before I even played it. Definitely doesn’t make it too low or anything. Maybe slightly more comparable to OG SIM. Your front 2g weight is lower than all stock ones I’ve seen on here.
  17. SIM2 driver and FW woods. Upgraded because they are WAYY better than last years model and will make me a better golfer, instantly!
  18. My PW is 46 (P770) and I go 50/54 and either 58 (High toe) or 60 (MG2 TW) depending on what course I’m playing and time of the year. If I had a 47* I’d definitely look at 52/56/60. You could easily do 52/58 and add in another wood/ longer iron when you are playing longer courses or need any extra option off the tee for a narrow course.
  19. I do think the 2021 version of TP5 spins more for me on Woods, for sure. I get plenty of spin on everything so the 19 version actually suits me better through the bag. The 21 TP5x IMO would be closer to the PROV1 you have been playing in both compression (new version being softer) and spin throughout the bag. The new version had improved on green side spin versus the 19 version and it’s more than likely the one I’ll be playing moving forward.
  20. Congrats on the purchase. Those look amazing. I can only speak from experience on the 60*. I have the MG2 and love it! The biggest thing with the TW grind on the 60 is how the leading edge sits close to the ground, but because of the way it’s made, there’s still bounce right behind it to help keep the edge from digging in. I am pretty shallow with all my clubs especially my wedges, so I hate for the leading edge to sit up on chip and pitch shots. It also has a good amount of heel and toe relief to keep the leading edge close to the ground when you open it up, and it cuts through sand really well. The 56 has a ton of heel relief as well so in my opinion, you can use either of them in the sand. Just depends how much green you have to work with on which I would use. I know you said you may move away from the 52 on bump and run shots, but in my humble opinion, I think that is the best club for those shots. When I first got my Tiger wedge, I wanted to use it for everything but would drop shots per round because it wasn’t always using the correct club for the shot. I have 50, 54 & 60 setup so I actually use my MG2 50 on tons of shots from 60 yards and in when I have back pin location. It gives me plenty of spin and I can make a shorter swing and keep the ball low. The high, spiny shots that zip back are sexy though! Lol. Cheers!
  21. Im thinking a Ventus Black. Its been known for (and in my experience I agree) as an anti-left shaft as long as the flex matches up with your swing speed. I have it in my driver and 3 wood and I dont worry about the left side like I used to before. Ive had toe strikes that should have been way too much left to right and they hung in there so much better!
  22. I have the 13.5 degree turned down to 11.5 degree. My miss is right and I would rather block one out right or it cut too much on a fairway finder. I cut down a Hzrdus Smoke Black 70g 6.0 shaft to the recommended playing length. I feel so comfortable using this club. On the SIM my Swing Speed was almost as quick as driver because of confidence over it. Its only 15-20 yards shorter than my driver. I havent used it on harder fairways though to see my run out. Ground has been wet the 1 round I used it.
  23. 1. City and State? Huntington, WV 2. Handicap? 9 3. Current irons? P770 4. Current Iron Shafts? KBS Tour 120S 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? (50G-100G). 100g. Stiff/X stiff 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely.
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