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  1. I can't get the promo to work for BOGO - but good luck for those that can!
  2. Sounds like I should set up a wedge fitting (Even in a simulator) to feel what is truly best based on some differences of opinions here. Super helpful! Thank you all!
  3. I get them at the end of July. The demo session seemed to show promising results when fitted with +2 degree upright. Is that uncommon or something? First time getting fitted, so I don't know.
  4. Hello everyone, I recently was fitted for Srixon ZX4s. +0.5" length 2 Degree upright and a heavier shaft (not experienced enough to tell you specifics other than) KBS S Temper 120 My question is should I now purchase some wedges with the same weighted shaft with also the length and upright adjustments my irons have? With the recent delays in ordering custom clubs as well as my local club fitting place being backed up on reserved fitting times, I was wondering if I could 'gamble' on ordering these measurements myself online. Second question
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