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  1. Everyone who entered and guessed the callaway staffed winner of the us open won. Mail in option was buried in fine print document. We went all in on Rahm.
  2. Each entry was completely separate, even different households. They just gave us the drivers. I don’t think I “played the system” at all.
  3. For clarification, fiancé and my parents were kind enough to enter the sweepstakes and gift us the drivers. The 5th I bought with cash from sister who has no interest in golf.
  4. I didn’t enter it 5 times, but all the clubs are from that yeah.
  5. Edit: 1st 2 drivers sold for $350 Edit: Both LS drivers are gone! Waiting on last Epic Max Driver to come in before I post it. Edit: 4 sold, 1 epic max left Edit: All done Adam pin 8/3
  6. Hello! So I made an add (just a classified post <75 posts), paid the $5 and $10 fees. I'm trying to sell 5 drivers, 3 of them I'm still waiting on to arrive this week. (I didn't think they would sell immediately, so didn't need to have all of them). Should I take the post down, so it doesn't get taken down? My second question is I don't want to take them out of the bubble wrap, so it is okay to just post them all right next to each other still in the bubble wrap? If possible, I'd like to just keep the post up like it is and just add the pics when they come in. Best, Adam
  7. I think being able to play ~12 holes would be perfect for me. I'm not very good, so everything is usually breaking down by 15 and I just lose focus.
  8. If the family's going to be happy to be there, and you enjoy the course then it seems like a good idea.
  9. I was playing a round at my home course, the first summer I had ever played golf (probably shooting in the 120's). I didn't bring my driver because it was misbehaving. Hole 7 par 4,dog leg left or 220 off the tee to clear water, then bunker, first cut, middle of green around 260. I thought what the heck, let me aim my 3 wood at the green, it will slice somewhere safely to the right. First one, directly into the drink. Second shot, I hit what is still the greatest, straight as an arrow, shot, that I will ever hit in my life. Just cranked it to 8 feet short. Worst/best par of my life.
  10. Obviously I don't care what Rory plays with, I'm just surprised he was cool playing without a hat. I'd almost feel naked on the course without one. I'm sure I'd be fine, I just keep one in my car at all times just in case. I know a lot of great golfers are very particular about their routines. My question is does anyone play without a hat, and would it be weird to play without one if you do.
  11. Yeah I don't now how I feel about hearing the newest "lil" rapper while I'm trying to save my triple bogie. Has anyone seen people playing music at nicer courses? I just have beat up munis mostly around me, so music is often the least of the worries
  12. I shot a 48 with 2 birdies one time. That was a sad day.
  13. I shot a wonderful 48 (9 holes) a lovely quad on #2.
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