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  1. This exactly what I have right now. An Epic Flash driver cut down to 42.5 inches and a 360cc 2004 Big Bertha cut down to 41.75 inches! I'm just 5" 2.5" tall so the Flash is the equivalent of a 47 inch club for someone of normal height. I don't have enough swing speed to justify carrying a 3W, so I have room in my bag to carry two drivers. When I realized the SS issue I replaced the 3W with a 7W with a head that was about the same size as the 3W. The lengths of the 3W and 7W are within 1/8" of each other. So the two fairway woods look pretty much the same except for loft. I l
  2. I just went through something similar in shortening a 35 inch putter to 32 inches. The lower part of the grip was loose so I needed to build it up with tape as the shaft tapered too much for the grip. There is a gap at the bottom of the grip that I would have fixed with Scotch 33 or 88 electrical tape but for now it works fine.
  3. C6-C8 is what I would expect from either a set designed for ladies, or men's clubs cut down one inch with no swing weight adjustment. I've spent a lot of time hunting down clubs that I can cut down and SW to a ladies petite set. I'm old enough to need ladies flex and short enough to need petite clubs. But I wanted something better than a box set. I was adjusting the SW of my new driver yesterday with a can of foot spray and lead tape strips. I bought it used and it was really light, but I wanted to practice with it to see if I could learn to control a long light dr
  4. I'm a short hitter. Driver, then 7W, 6H, or 7I. No sense carrying a 3W or 4W as I don't have the swing speed to effectively use those clubs. I could carry a 2nd driver tuned for accuracy or distance. And 7 iron for the opposite hand.
  5. Get some foam golf balls to prevent future accidents.
  6. What about ball finding? I'm sure the winners back then had exceptional ball finding skills to keep their scores low. Just that one element of the game may prevent a lot of exceptional players of today from winning back then. Golf is a mental game as well as physical. A few lost balls may easily throw the entire game out of whack.
  7. As a stroke survivor I have a ton of experience with learning new stuff. I am also lucky to have plenty of grass I can tear up in my back yard. As well as tree in the center of the yard that I used as a target to hit foam golf balls before my distance got too long to stay in the yard. It helps if you can squeeze in a lot of short sessions throughout the day rather than one long one. This will allow you to retrain the neural connections relatively quickly. I alternate between swinging a golf club and working on the garden/yard.
  8. Women usually lack the strength of men, on average, so I'd suggest the UL clubs for a daughter. I'm short and I've discovered that I can handle low swing weights better than high ones. I experimented with swinging higher swing weight clubs and found that didn't help to improve my swing speed, even when going back to lighter clubs. It just made my arms and legs sore as I learned to swing harder. I have a launch monitor to measure my swing speed. I took a break to recover, aided by the wet weather that made it hard to practice. I noticed an immediate jump
  9. My guess is that with the shorter shaft you can confidently hit the sweet spot all the time. This allows you to swing faster. There is a video on golf.com that shows how foot spray can be used to see exactly where contact is made.
  10. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/unplayable-ball-in-a-bunker.html There is a new 2019 rule that allows you to move the ball back out of the bunker and take a two stroke penalty. Something to consider if the lie is just too awful for the clubs in your bag.
  11. Thanks for the idea! I like my clubs light as well. My driver weighs just 281g and is swing weighted to C2. It was originally C0 but I swapped in a lighter grip. Maybe you are switching clubs too often for the amount of practice time you have available? I got a new driver and have been practicing every day for two weeks. I'm finally able to hit a set of six balls without a mishit. I can't switch to a new club and hit the sweet spot like those guys who do YouTube videos.
  12. They are called "forward" tees for a reason, to allow any distance challenged player to use them regardless of age or gender. Everyone benefits if the pace of play is improved by golfers selecting the most appropriate tees for their level of skill and performance.
  13. https://www.golfworks.com/project-x-evenflow-blue-5565-graphite-wood-shafts/p/tt0142v/ This page suggests the flex for the 65 g shaft is 5.5 http://golfclubbrokers.com/blog/complete-guide-to-project-x-flex-codes/ https://www.golfworks.com/fujikura-atmos-ts-blue-graphite-wood-shafts/p/fk0095/ S flex is 64g, X flex is 65g https://www.mitchellgolf.com/shaft-frequency-an-absolute-measurement-for-shaft-matching/ Measure the oscillation frequency. I use a chop saw to cut graphite shafts. Do not use a hacksaw or a tubing saw to cut graphite.
  14. A tiny kid I wondered why my three iron didn't carry as far as my five iron. Not enough swing speed for the lower loft of the three iron.
  15. Is there a club you could take out of your bag so you could carry two putters?
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