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  1. I enjoy competition, but like you, I have anxiety issues. I'd rather participate in something in which one mistake doesn't blow up my entire effort. I'd rather play match play than stroke play. I have enough seniority at work that I get to play in the early afternoon during the weekdays.
  2. You should play as well as you can. There is no reason to play down to their level. If you do that you are in fact "ruining" your round. It you want to help out you may want to offer suggestions on how to play the hole, as as you would with someone is already good at golf but doesn't know the course. Stuff like whether the green is unusually fast or slow, or has a break that is hard to read.
  3. I alternate between two swings right now. I learned to swing an iron forty years ago and bothered my back if I swung really hard. I came up with another swing for woods that is easier on my back. Right now I'm working on an arms only swing to advance the ball just one yard from the edge of a bermuda grass green. As I'm grinding it out on my own I don't have to worry if it looks ugly or wrong. It just has to work most of the time. I'm more concerned right now with pace of play than how far the ball goes.
  4. I just bought a pair of Goretex pants on ebay. The waist fits well without a belt which is the important part. The inseam is a little long but I think I can deal with that and will keep the pants.
  5. Instead of sunglasses, I bought a Michael Kors oversized women's cat eye frame and filled it with a single vision prescription at Lenscrafters. Insurance reduced the $950 list price to $300. XTRAactive, polarized, and anti-reflection coatings, Works better than my prescription sunglasses because they are big enough to stop light from leaking around the sides of the glasses. They work really well for tracking the ball in flight. They fit just a little tight so they don't move around. I can't wear them all day which is OK because I wear other glasses at the computer.
  6. https://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-clubfitting-assembled-swingweight-calculator
  7. Yes, l got a great deal on an Odyssey Indianapolis that I cut down from 35 to 32 inches. Putting may be the strongest part of my game, though the two courses I've played on both have Bermuda greens. Which is pretty unusual since they are at opposite ends of the country. 5000 miles apart!
  8. All my clubs are ladies flex clubs as my swing speed for my irons in in the low 70s. I learned to swing a 3 iron in the 1970s so irons are a strength of my game. I started off with older clubs with 55g shafts but have bought more recently made clubs with 50LL and 40LL shafts that feel just fine. I went through three driver shafts before finding one I liked--a 40 gram Helium 4 shaft. I liked the Helium shafts in an 11 wood and 5 iron so I bought another shaft. After a rough round in which I barely finished before losing all my golf balls--had to play the last 4 holes with my last ball, I found I could find the sweet spot consistently with a 44-1/2 driver into a net. My launch monitor recorded a 146 yard carry. I practiced again two days later and moved it up to 153 yards with good sequencing rather than brute strength. Today I'm taking the day off from driver practice as it rained and the ground is going to be slippery. My latest purchase is a Mavrik Max 4 iron, 22 degrees of loft, that I intend to use a a driving iron.
  9. As a stroke survivor, I have an interest in how long it takes me to learn new skills. I'd say it took about two months of twice a day practice to be able to hit the sweet spot of a 44-1/2 inch ladies flex driver. Timing is still an issue, I know I have a tendency to rush things but if I slow down I can hit some really nice shots. Which is hardly surprising I'm as rapidly learning a lot of stuff all at once while the weather is still nice in New England.
  10. Yesterday I tried driving with a 3 wood and the tee was obviously too high. I knocked the tee out from under the ball without making any contact with the ball! I find it a lot easier to swing irons than woods, though I have had success punching the ball out of bunkers with woods.
  11. I finally found a ladies flex 22 degree 4i, so I can go 4i 22, 7i 32, 9i 40, PW 44, and SW 54. With the colorful fall leaves there can be a huge advantage to rolling the ball on the ground. I just had a round that was so bad it was good! I lost five balls in five holes. The last was a 9 iron that sounded good but the ball just vanished. I played out the last four holes without losing the last ball! Talk about pressure for a newbie golfer!
  12. I found that Callaway foam balls were less stress on the body than regular golf balls when I was learning to find the sweet spot with my driver. Though I needed the more expensive Almost Golf balls to use my Mevo launch monitor. I think a few short sessions a day is better than one long one. Learn to stop before your body tells you to stop. The only club I have with a steel shaft is my putter. Everything else is ladies flex graphite.
  13. I have ladies flex irons and have swung them really hard. The ball flight is really nice. Straight and on line. I just need to play more to dial in the distances. I plan to stick with ladies flex clubs until the ball flight suggests I need something else. As I play a half set anyway, I've bought single clubs on the used market just to try them out. I would keep the old gamers so you can go back to them if the new clubs aren't for you.
  14. I'm old enough to realize that giving up twenty yards is worth being able to play whenever I want without back pain.
  15. This suggest you really need a shorter driver shaft and have weight added to the head to restore the optimum swing weight needed to consistently hit the sweet spot.
  16. Woods get easier to hit as the loft gets higher. You may want to consider a 7 wood instead of the traditional three wood. Get an SGI 7W to make it as easy as possible. It may be useful for long approach shots where you just want carry and no rollout.
  17. I have this this problem as well. I think it has to do with switching between swinging an iron, where I take divots, and swing a wood, where I'm not suppose to do that. It may help to take a practice swing. I moved my practice net to back of the yard, where it is far enough from the trees that tree roots aren't an issue and I can take all the divots I want. It is also heavily wooded to catch any errant balls that miss the net. This allows me to "swing for the fences."
  18. https://www.kauai.gov/Golf Wailua Municipal Golf course. One of the last places to get UPS delivery in the USA. The island is a favorite location for movie directors. https://filmkauai.com/movies-television-shows-filmed-kauai/
  19. The course is wet and I lose my balance swinging a nine iron from the middle of the fairway. Can't find it! Until a few holes later, Not only is it just a yard off the fairway of another hole, but I now have two balls just two yards apart!
  20. Same here. I tried a couple sessions on a range and I'm not sure it was all that helpful. Hard range balls were quite a change from what I used before. Standing on a mat on concrete isn't the same as grass. I got on the golf course and that helped me figure out my swing. I felt I could "swing for the fences" and not worry about where the ball would land. I moved my practice net so I could do that at home.
  21. I play at an Executive golf course that is perfect for this sort of practice. Choose the right tee and club to drive the ball to within 50 yards of the hole. Better than a range because you learn course management or lose a ton of balls. I found it helpful to practice ten yard chip shots in my back yard to gain a feel for my pitching wedge.
  22. Thanks! I played again today and managed to find all the balls I played! Immediate benefit from better course management! I continued my streak of hitting trees and getting lucky bounces. This one kept it out of the adjacent fairway. I took a drop to avoid the nasty tree root. Its just a game.
  23. Great! I bought some clubs a few months ago and have been practicing and adjusting them to my needs. I now have all the clubs I need. I got on the golf course for the first time and have now played two nine hole rounds. I have the basics. I can hit the 7 iron a reasonable distance. I can chip the ball on the green or advance the ball out of bunkers. And putt the ball in the hole! I had four legit bogeys in my 2nd round. As a stroke survivor I know that with something as hard as golf, I need to have reasonable expectations. When I was in the rehab ward for a month recovering from ataxia or loss of coordination playing golf in the future would have been an entirely unreasonable goal in a psych evaluation. I already have a pretty good idea about course management. I did a great job of avoiding hazards in my 2nd round. When I hit my 7 iron 20 yards past the hole it was on one of the few holes where I could get away with doing that. I mistakenly factored in the elevation gain and hit a high towering shot. And left my ball short when the green was protected by treacherous scrubby bushes. I also hit the ball straight enough to pick a line for where it will go, though distance is obviously an issue at this stage. SGI clubs help with direction control as well.
  24. Great to hear that the knee replacement was a success! I'm in exactly the same situation you are. After months of practicing I've now played two rounds on an executive golf course. Lots of ugly shots. But some nice ones as well because I've been practicing. And, because I'm a stroke survivor, the ugly shots haven't bothered my next shot. The mat you stand on is flat and never changes. You now have to adjust to the constantly changing terrain of a golf course. I think you need to practice on a golf course. More range practice isn't going to help with this issue.
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