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  1. I've moved my net around to minimize the chance of an errant ball hitting anything. Now it is up against a huge compost pile and wooded area. If something lands in the woods or compost pile it may be years before I see it again. These days I practice really close to the net. Too close for the Mevo, so I rely more on sound to judge how hard I'm hitting the ball. But I'm much more comfortable hitting it hard into the net and figuring out my distances on the golf course with the GPS.
  2. I played with just four clubs, a 4I, 7I, AW, SW, and putter. I seemed to be able to hit approach shots just fine with the clubs I had. Hitting approach shots was the strongest part of my game at the end of the season, when I was raking leaves on the colder days and golfing on the warmer ones. The sore muscles affected my putting and long iron but the short game was fine. I just bought an 9I and 58* wedge, but I have no idea when they will go in the bag.
  3. The great thing about playing only five clubs is that I can take a few practice swings with all of them right before a round. I also get to practice chipping in my back yard, which presents a reasonable variety of challenging lies. How do those of you with a full bag of 14 clubs get to practice all those shots?
  4. I just learned how to play golf with four irons and a putter. I carried a 4 iron for shot making. Need to hit a ball under a tree? 4 iron. Need to keep the ball on the fairway side of a hill? 4 iron. Need to keep the ball on the ground since I can't see anything airborne due to the bad lighting nor find it once it lands in the leaves. 4 iron. Being able to see the ball skipping through the leaves really helped maintain my composure on what used to be a frustrating hole. I learned to walk the line my ball took and find it, even though it was under leaf cover.
  5. I used to have that problem until I bought a Nissan Cube. The glare is much more tolerable than any other car I've driven. Too bad they aren't made anymore. I bought a Cube because it is one of the easiest cars to get in and out of.
  6. No, I have several pairs of glasses. The best pair is for playing golf. I have a pair just for working on computer stuff. One for reading books. I have one just for working outside in the evenings until it gets too dark to see what I'm doing. No fancy coatings for maximum light transmission.
  7. If I need the distance the FW is great for hitting out of the bunker or a great fairway lie. The hybrid is better for worse lies. If I can't hit it with an iron it is time to take a drop. I base what type of club to use based on the lie. I am far more comfortable using an iron to deal with lies that are tilted and require me to take an awkward stance. Which is rather common on the course I play. Shorter clubs tend to be easier to hit.
  8. I play the forward tees at an Executive course so I can reach any green with two good strokes. Except for one hole in which if I play farther back, it takes the OB out of play.
  9. If you carry less than 14 clubs you can add clubs later in the round. Something to consider if you have anger management issues.
  10. I bought a 2nd driver, a 2015 13.5* GBB. I think a 2nd driver makes a lot more sense than a 3W that is only used off the tee.
  11. Ladies sets don't come with long irons anymore. They sell hybrids and short irons. I'm in favor of getting the easiest clubs to hit, no matter the looks or price. If cost is an issue play with fewer clubs until you can afford the ones that work for you. If you can't play a club it doesn't belong in the bag.
  12. I got the 58 because I plan to play short courses and expect to see challenging greens. I figure I'll have more fun if I play to my strengths, rather than my weaknesses. I'll leave those long courses for those that can drive the ball straight and far.
  13. I play ladies flex clubs so I don't have as many options. I got a 49* AW to go between a 32* 7I and 54* SW. The three gap nicely. I use the SW to pitch from 40 yards. I did some Ebay shopping and found deal on a 58* with a Recoil shaft. Making my set 49 54 58. I'm not sure I swing hard enough to need a 60. The 58 may be useful from the rough around tiny fast greens.
  14. https://materion.com/-/media/files/corporate/besafetyfacts/sf101-safetypracticesformachiningcube.pdf Dust from Beryllium copper can be a significant health hazard that will impair your game of golf.
  15. I have ladies flex Black Helium shafts in everything but the putter. Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and iron. There aren't as many options for ladies flex shafts. I got one for my Epic Flash driver after trying two other shafts and think it was an improvement.
  16. I got a 49* Mavrik Max AW as it gaps right between my 7I and SW. I use it all the time. On the 6th hole I play I had a string of four rounds in which I was just 5 yards left or right from the hole, with the right distance.
  17. Is there an Executive or Par 3 course nearby? I play on an Executive course will all sorts of tilted lie approach shots. As well as the behind the hill approach shot from the cart path. I had a lucky shot that went over the hill and rolled down the cart path. I took a cart path drop onto packed mud and hit a pitch shot with a SW that landed just 8 feet from the hole! Taking advantage of free relief when you can is just as important as shot making. Just forward of a Par 3 tee box offers that downhill lie approach shot.
  18. I would go with 7I, SW, and putter. Two shots with 7I equals a good driver shot. Better if you have good course management skills. Plan on losing a shot getting near the green and getting it back in the short game for a competitive round. Putt to win.
  19. Happy Thanksgiving! I did that when I first swung driver. I learned to hit a 3 iron as kid. I'd literally jump out of my shoes to swing hard. Which occasionally resulted in some really ugly swings as I spun around. I changed my swing to reduce the stress on my back. Instead of practicing driver on the course, I practiced daily into a net at home. I bought a lefty 5I to experiment with different swings. I wanted to eliminate the tweaks and adjustments that folks do fix their swings. I learned golf by playing at an Executive course and playing 4I, 7I, AW, SW, and putter. Played on the forward tees. Quickly focused on course management. After two months of playing every two weeks I could swing smoothly and hit it as far I could swinging hard with the old swing. I know my main issue. Rushing the swing. I need to give it time to develop fully and letting things happen. Next year I'll work on swinging hard with the new swing. While not swinging too quickly.
  20. I keep score on my GPS as part of my routine. Garmin Connect says that after my first season of golf, I have a +36 handicap. Which seems entirely appropriate. On average I miss one stroke per hole. And take one extra shot to get to the green. So that is +2 shots per hole. There is a definite correlation between my mental/physical state and how I play a round. I'd just run out of gas on my first few rounds. Then I played really well because the weather was nice. Or I'd run into turbulence because I forgot my water bottle or left the putter on a green and had to run back and get it. It got tougher when the weather turned cold and the leaves started falling. I made more bad shots. But I recovered much more quickly to make good shots. I'd take three shots to get out of a wet bunker because the ball didn't travel very far. Then on the next hole I'd punch out of a much more difficult bunker lie on one shot.
  21. https://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/single-irons/by-player-type/game-improvement/irons-2019-apex.html?cgid=game-improvement-single-irons Buy a used 7I on CPO, try it, and return it if it isn't for you for a store credit good for a year. Keep trying clubs until you find the one you like. CPO sells return UPS shipping labels for $5. I returned a club via the nearby CVS and was only out the restocking fee as I had $5 in awards cash. Calling CPO for a RMA # was quick and hassle free.
  22. This is precisely when you should club down and hit the 7 iron instead of a driver on an Executive course. Far better to make full swings with the 7I than worrying about losing balls hitting driver. My course is like that. The fairways are too narrow and the rough too punishing to freely hit driver. So I took it out of my bag and hit a 4 iron or 7 iron off the tee. I learned a lot playing a Sunday bag twice a week with just a 4I, 7I, AW, SW, and putter.
  23. Hi Platgolf, Good luck recovering from the health issues. I've been seeing the doctor twice a year and the eye doctor once a year just to make sure nothing is amiss. I usually chat with the eye doctor about my retinal scans as that can provide a clue about other health issues before they become serious. $35 for the scans at Lenscrafters, no need for dilation, and I can see what the doctor sees when he examines my eyes.
  24. I now have enough confidence to put the foam balls away and practice finding regulation balls in the fall leaves. One of each color, white, yellow, and deep pink. Being able to accurately hit that 5 yard chip is extremely useful on an Executive course with small greens. It didn't take all that many rounds to hit the pin.
  25. Golf is great today! I wasn't athletic enough to play golf when I was younger. When it came to picking teams half the time I wasn't picked. I learned enough golf to do a Par 3 in regulation, two 3 irons and a long putt. Now I have plenty saved for retirement and enough seniority to have dibs on vacation time. I can take any afternoon off if there isn't a meeting and someone else in my department is in the office. I fully recovered from a stroke that paralyzed my right side. While I had tons of therapy for a few months after the event, I was on my own after that. Recovery stops only if you stop trying to get better or lack the tools needed to figure out how to fix it. I learned a lot about fine tuning muscle memory playing darts in my basement. I have a net in the back yard and a putting mat in front of the TV. A yard long enough to practice chipping! I received a new 9I yesterday and got to spend fifteen minutes chipping balls back and forth across the yard. My swing is consistent enough be able to sensibly do course management. And long enough to reach the green in a reasonable number of strokes. I'm often the shortest adult on the course, so I'm fine with clubbing down and playing short game. Take the easy shots around a hazard. Speeds up play. When it comes to playing with others my strategy will be to chip closer to the pin and read other's putts. Unless I have a better option like hitting to an uphill lie with no break.
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