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  1. I am interested in seeing if anyone in the Phoenix area would like to meet up and play a round of golf. I'm open to playing with all skill levels, ages, genders, etc.! Just moved to the Phoenix area a few months ago and mostly been playing by myself on the weekends. I'm 25 years old and currently playing around a 4.5 handicap. I'm easy going and don't take golf too seriously, but can also enjoy a good competition if there's a game going! Available to play on Saturdays & Sundays.
  2. I live in Arizona so I doubt mine will see any water...I have heard vinegar and salt works great for a quick rust look. I'm absolutely loving them so far though.
  3. Got some new irons for the 2022 season. 4-PW with tiffany BB&F co ferrules.
  4. Those shaft labels are A1. Does your friend offer this as a service? I would love to get some custom shaft labels on my sticks too.
  5. I got the pleasure to meet Mike from Compass in person and check out his workshop and process of how he makes putters. Looking at some of the putters he has going out and the welds he put on them I was absolutely blown away. It's crazy to see his progress and him mastering his craft. His attention to detail in every step of the process is pretty incredible and I hope Compass can be recognized for quality and craftsmanship as much as some of the other "bigger" makers out there.
  6. This picture pretty much sold me on the RM4s. I ordered 50/56/60 this week. Is this what happens to the Raw finish after a couple rounds of play or did you intentionally "rust" them? Looks great, super excited to get mine in!
  7. Ultimately decided to go with Compass Golf Co. Really like his work and he is local to me. Very excited to get a new putter in my hands (and my first custom).
  8. Sort of off topic for the thread but can you comment on what your bag looks like when you game these? Do you go Driver, 1 - PW, GW, SW, and Putter?
  9. I'm going to need to see some pics of these knives at address
  10. Check out the Srixon ZX utility iron. I picked up the 3 iron (20*) a couple months ago and it was above and beyond better than anything else I tried. Plus it’s one of few options that is a forged head. Very forgiving, great feel, and not much offset. Speaking of feel, go hit this club next to other utility irons and you will immediately notice how big of a difference the forged head makes in this club. They also do a good job at hiding the “chunkyness” in the back so it looks very clean and sleek at address. My only gripe is that it comes with the Recoil shaft, but at only $219 MSRP it is cheaper than most other options so you may have a bit left in your budget to find a new shaft (unless you like the Recoil shaft then by all means keep it - it’s a great shaft that fits some). I can post pictures later when i’m home if you would like.
  11. I know everyone is chomping at the bits to hear what I ended up purchasing... /s I got the Fourteen RM-4 Raw wedges 50/56/60. Nippon Modus Pro 105 Stiff in the 50, and the Nippon NS Pro TS 101 Wedge shaft (111g) in the 56/60. Worse comes to worse I don't like what I put in the 56/60 and I'll go heavier similar to what I currently have. Super excited to get these in.
  12. Interesting read here, so maybe I should in fact go with a heavier shaft.
  13. I'm leaning towards the Modus 115 Wedge shaft in the 56/60. I have played the DG shafts with Vokey's for years and have no clue how a lighter shaft feels in a 56/60. I'm a huge feel player so I want to make sure I make the right decision on the shaft. Maybe I can find a golf shop near me that swaps out shafts for wedges so I can try out the feel.
  14. Is there anything I can provide that would help with a reccomendation?
  15. Decided I want some new wedges (50/56/60). I was fit into Nippon Pro Modus 105 Stiff in my irons - what should I put in my 56/60? I know for the gap (50) I want the Nippon Pro Modus 105, but should I go heavier/lighter or put in the Nippon 105's in the 56/60? Currently I have S200 in some old vokeys but with my new irons on the way should I put the Nippon's in the 56/60 so that it matches the full set or go for something more heavy similar to what I have now?
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