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  1. Many thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like I have some testing to do in my future!
  2. I am a steep AoA player who launches the ball high with a ton of spin. Getting fitted for a driver and irons/wedges has helped: Cobra Speedzone driver with PX Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 Srixon ZX5 (4&5), ZX7 (6-A) and Vokey SM8 (54/58) with PX 6.5 For reference, my driver SS is 107. I have always struggled with hybrids, as their advantages magnify my launch/spin issues. I play an 18' hybrid now that I can hit 225 one shot, if the spin stays under control, and then a 190 floating butterfly moonball on the next one. I would like to replace my 18H with something that spins much less. But most of the options tout that they are "easy to launch/spin". I am curious if there are any favorite clubs out there that are known to be low spin/launch. Utility iron, long iron (does anyone make a normal 2i anymore?) or hybrid, I don't really care. Just want something that I can reliably hit longer than my 4 iron (which goes 215-ish). Getting out of tough lies is not a concern with my AoA... Or is it really all about the shaft? I would get properly fitted for whatever I go with, but want to at least start with some kind of idea. Any input is appreciated!
  3. Similar to @Oldboy and @BallerNate, I play zx7 in 6-AW and zx5 in the 4 and 5 irons. The extra forgiveness in the zx5 long irons is nice and they are a little hotter than zx7. I like the 4 iron. Am on the fence with the 5, probably would be just as happy with a zx7. I do agree that flighting it down is easier with the zx7. I actually have been using my 6 iron for punchouts, as it just feels better to have the smaller sole.
  4. The ZX7 AW is my first set wedge. Have used a 52' Vokey forever. Absolutely love the ZX7 AW. Wish they made a SW, to be honest...
  5. These were the two contenders after my fitting back in May. I went with the zx7s as they seemed just a bit more forgiving and slightly lower spin. I am pretty steep, so the v-sole seems to work well for me. The mizunos are great, too. Will come down to personal choice.
  6. My exact set: 4 and 5 iron in the ZX5, 6-AW in the ZX7. 4+ rounds at this point. Only got the 4-iron this past week, so haven't even hit the range with it yet. If anything, I would consider going ZX7 across the board. The ZX5 long irons are nice, don't get me wrong. But the sole is pretty chunky. And the ZX7 6-iron has been super easy to hit. Can't really offer much from a gapping perspective yet. Just haven't played enough rounds.
  7. 38 yo Handicap between 2.5 and 5.5 Driver SS ~107 TP5X, though I continue to burn through old boxes of prov1 and prov1x. Have battled too much spin forever. Thought AVX would solve (nope). More recent club/shaft setup have seemed to help, so now not as concerned about having a low spin ball.
  8. My final iron (ZX5 4iron) came in today. Final delivery details: ZX7 6-AW + ZX5 5iron, px 6.5 shafts, lengthened and upright, midsized plus 4 grips - 9 weeks from order to delivery ZX5 4iron, same specs - 12 weeks, 6 days from order to delivery
  9. I am still waiting for my zx5 4iron. My fitter called yesterday and explained that the px shaft was in. Last component is the head, which is due next week. Then production and delivery. Still holding late Aug, early Sept. Which is what they said when I got the rest of my combo set in July. Not sure who they are talking to at srixon, though.
  10. Just got the call that all but my 4-iron are in. So 9 weeks from order to delivery. ZX7 6 thru A & ZX5 5-iron w/ PX 6.5. The ZX5 4-iron is expected in late August due to the shaft being on back order.
  11. On 5/28, I ordered Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges, upright and lengthened with PX 6.5 shafts, in 54 and 58 degree lofts. They came in yesterday, exactly 7 weeks. The Srixon ZX5/ZX7 iron combo set I ordered on the same date are waiting on the PX shafts, which are not expected until mid August. So those will be 12+ weeks assuming no additional delays.
  12. The 981s were my clubs all through high school, college and years thereafter. The shock on my face when my parents bought them for me was insane. I eventually added a dci black 2-iron and loved that so much I bought a 981 2-iron. That became one of my favorite clubs of all time.
  13. Congrats! Holding out hope that your experience means the supply chain is starting to move a bit freer. My wait is at 7 weeks now and expectation is another 8 or so to go
  14. I hit the ball very high (too high, honestly), so game a 13' rbz stage 2 tour 3w. It has been almost exclusively a par 5 2nd shot club for me, though trying to use it off the tee more this year. Just checked my last three tournament rounds: 2 times, 1 time, 0 times. I use it a bit more in practice rounds, but rarely more than three times a round. I have a combo set of srixon zx5/zx7 irons coming in. Once I get my distances down there, I do plan to re-assess my fw/hybrid setup, which is currently the 13' 3w and a 18' 3h.
  15. Titleist was the name brand of name brands for a kid growing up in the late 90s. My parents splurged and got me a set of DCI 981s that I played all through high school, college and years after. From 98 to 2013. Don't get the love that the 962 or 990s get, but they were incredible for me. 975D driver, 8.5' with the graffaloy shaft was another favorite, along with 983K with YS-6 shaft. But my all time favorite, still in the bag, is the Scotty Cameron Teryllium Two Santa Fe putter. Got it in 2001 and have only played another putter the few times I rented clubs since then. Been re-gripped more times than I can count, though!
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