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  1. head only . lmk
  2. Selling a couple sets. 1. Z585/U85 selling as a set Std LLL modus 105R. 600 obo. shipped 2. miura tc 201 4/pw heads only 900. obro shipped 3. 2017 m2 head 10.5 has that film tape on top of face. 150 obo shipped trades: zx5 irons HMP irons p790 2019 pls add pp fees.
  3. Hey folks, i have a fresh set of shimada tour shaft pulls. These shafts have the arccos sensors on them and were pulled from a set of Muira cb irons. std length. SOLD
  4. selling two driving irons. 4,5 iron. C taper lite 110 s flex. looking to sell together Sold. shipped trade for sm7 56. chrome...
  5. he is my friend and he was trying to help me out.!!!!!
  6. Selling a set of zx7 irons std LLL. I used it for one round, just looking to sell to try other set. 950 net shipped.. muira cb 57 4-PW. planned on gaming these but just checking for any interest they are in good cond c taper 110 r flex, they were spine aligned. std LLL. 675 obro shipped. trade bait: tc201 ill add $ on my part
  7. hey folks have a couple sets of Bridgestone that i'm gonna regret selling but i just need something more forgiving so i can be that “man“ in my 4 some. bwahahha 1. J40 dpc 4-pw, nippon 850 GH r flex. std LLL. i intended to build a combo set with the cb. Really! SOLD 2. J 40 cb 4 -Pw, TT dg s300 pro s flex . std LLL. SOLD obo shipped. i can take more pics if needed.. ty
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