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  1. New daily Maserati GTS New track car- 400 track miles on paper plates.
  2. Yes. I bought it in '04 for $7K (black face) then bought a gold one the following year (yellow/dark MOP face). So I wore the SS everywhere- all of my hunting trips, all of my family vacations, etc. Went to Aruba and was looking Rolexes in '13 and was nonchalant with the SS, told the salesperson my nicer gold one was home...….only to find out it has appreciated in value as SS is "rarer...…." Kept on hearing that everywhere else I went. Started hunting Africa last year, so I finally made the change. But with Rolex it is all about marketing, they are certainly not valued at all for their (lac
  3. I still prefer old school size watches. I did buy a Heuer Monaco for Father's day as the square shape doesn't look as bizarre to me as the Flavo Flav sized round watches. Gonna buy a rose gold Santos for the same reason and to complete a set: I want each of my son's to have a gold watch as a remembrance...….when I pass. I finally retired my SS Daytona and picked up a Heur Aquaracer as my new hunting watch, About to ship the Daytona to Dallas for a refurb before I put it I the safe. Ironically it has already served it's purpose as an investment without even knowing it, the whole time being u
  4. I bought the Anova and loved it. Best steaks I've ever eaten. However I no longer sous vide: My brother, a professional chef pointed out to me that I am cooking my food in and in direct contact of a heated petrochemical product for a significant amount of time. I don't heat anything up in the microwave in plastic containers or plastic wrap. Thankfully I caught this gaffe after only a few months. So I sure as ____ ain't gonna cook in it. But if you don't care the Anova is a good product.
  5. Back in the day MB used chicken grease to break in their motors and you had to go in at 500 mi, then 1000 mi and I think also at 1500 mi for your first oil changes. Thankfully they stopped that PITA break in late 90s IIRC. But I'm with you, performance cars need to be driven hard. Did over 150 when I took my Panamera Turbo home and over 160 with my F12. Funny story, the very first day I had my 360 Spider I took off the traction control.......it was my first mid engine car......took a corner at speed and jumped on it.....nose pointed at both ditches before I recovered. Needless to say I hav
  6. Well you don't want this hatchback. Crappy gas mileage and can't fit a bag in it.
  7. As a person who drives 120 mi/day I disagree. Spending a little more on luxury is well worth it- creature comforts. I hate getting entry level loaners for my daily treks. Happy wife = HAPPY LIFE
  8. I pull a double every morning. There's a custom roaster in Houston I use. [/]
  9. You can't go wrong no matter what you do, esp since you have the cash at hand. That is what I'm in the process of doing (I'm 53). For me the difference is retiring 3 years earlier by refinancing than by paying everything off. But as my Banker said "there s no wrong answer."
  10. Invest the money. Refi and pull out cash from the house to get the wife a new car. Similar payment to previous mortgage, freed up cash flow with no car note. With new tax laws interest deduction is key. Use your windfall to make your $ make $$$. Remember you can always pay it off.
  11. I've worn my SS Daytona on every vacation and every hunting trip since '04. Been to Alaska in a plane crash, took some major falls in the mountains- broke my ankle, tore ligaments, etc hunting bear and sheep. It has never been serviced and is dead spot on keeping time. Going to take it lion hunting in Zimbabwe this Sept. Ironically, I've been told I should have been wearing my gold Daytona as the SS appreciate/are worth more than the gold ones. Been thinking of getting a Wyler Code R Dakar. PS Father's day was good- Huer Calibre 11 Monaco.
  12. I agree wholeheartedly. You cut down your putter because that is what makes you comfortable. When you "self fit" yourself, you choke down to mark where you're gonna cut it.
  13. Working the night shift- lull in the action and had a brain fart. Recent injury has forced me to replace all of my modern blades with CBs and graphite R shafts. I still have ongoing pain with undoubted continuing damage to my cartilage and may have to completely give up the game. Anyway I've collected a whole bunch of stuff and enjoy the sentimental value every time I go into my golf workshop room, but at the same time it's a shame to keep the stuff when someone else could really enjoy it. I doubt I'll get what I believe the value is of the tour grinds or the s2h2 on eBay as that buyer niche
  14. Anyone know of a Pappy's expert: I'm trying to date my bottles of 23 yo and Google doesn't cut it. I know 2 were bottled in 2005 labelled "A" bottles. A third bottle just has a number on it, no letter.
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