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  1. actually on the golfwrx forum. i got lucky with a brand new set posting.
  2. I just bought a brand new set of mp20 5i-PW for 700$. Its going to be the first set of mizunos i’m going to own. I was going to wait for the new mp22, but not sure if there will be that much of a difference to justify spending over 1200$ and waiting possibly another 6+ months. good idea or bad idea?
  3. ahhh damn. i’d buy em if they were regular flex. very beautiful!
  4. Since we officially got a glimpse, when do you actually think mizuno will announce the mp-22??
  5. Say it louder for them to hear pls
  6. I hope it still has the copper under lay on this years though. It shows chromoly
  7. Looks like the MMC is coming out with a left hand set
  8. By the looks of it, do u think these are the equivalent upgrades?? mp-221 = mp-20 mp-223 = mmc mp-225 = hmb
  9. Maybe other sites but the promotion was accepted during checkout. Hopefully it works for you too.
  10. maple hill golf. Only a 15% off 4th of July coupon code
  11. Would you buy the MP20s for a 4th of July sale or possibly wait 6 months for the mp22’s? 200$ off sounds enticing but would like all of your opinions before making any decision. Haven’t bought a new set of irons since 2015.
  12. And how cool it would be if they released a copper left hand version!…pipe dreams
  13. I just took a lesson and I didn’t tip. What I did do is refer some of my friends to take lessons with him. Good teachers deserve more business.
  14. contemplating getting the t-200s this fall or just wait for the new mizuno mp line.
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